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33a An awareness campaign directed at college students to encourage them to reach out to one another to encourage support, friendship, and connection. Full
A Wikipedia for everyone, not just famous people. A place to record your life after you die. Not yet Open
Anti-colic nursing device Design baby feeding bottles which are easy to manufacture, use and clean. Open
App An assisting application to bridge the gap between medical professionals and data aggregation facilities. Full
Bambrace - Lowell High School M2D2 Brace to integrate cost effectiveness with reliability to help make quality braces more affordable Full
Bank of Book Creating a system that all UML students are able to get Text books for free Open
Beat Link Beat Link is device for gym lovers. The device helps the person in achieving desired pace of their workout. Open
Brewing for Brotherhood The goal of our project is to address the issue of segregation and sectarianism in N. Ireland by opening a brewery that offers apprentice. to youth. Open
Buddy Project Budyy Project aims to facilitate building relationship between American and International students through a website and some supportive activities. Full
Clinomax - Lowell High School Our product is a pillow that will help prevent sleep apnea by moving the user's head during times of increased snoring. Full
Doggie Doorbell Device to allow dogs to let owners grant access to door to go outside and inside. Open
Dynamic One Productions porate services. Dynamic One Productions is a full-scale Disc Jockey and Production company, located out of Upton, Massachusetts. Incorporated, staff Open
Early Birds Early Birds is a web application that allows teachers to integrate computers into elementary education. Open
Enlightment through Education in Pakistan A platform for young students who are struggling in education. Curriculum educational videos, Interactive learning and Online tutoring. Open
Getting 10 by paying 5 Close the GAP between Wholesale and Retail for students at UMASS Lowell! Besides, creating a forum to promote business deals and opportunities. Open
Good Cop Bad Cop Education Society Pair grade A student with D student, rich-poor, well mannered-misbehaving. Start at kinder garten, no one scores unless both score equally well. Open
Hands Lighting This paper explains how one can shine his hands with LEDs as an entertainment or developing this idea for future uses. Open
Homework Center We would like to open a homework center in a poverty stricken city such as Lawrence, MA to help high school students with home work. Open
hydraulic walker Hydraulic stair climbing walker that helps people to enter into their homes or access the community cheaply and safely Full
ID RING This ID ring can be used as an id card,driving license, bank card, health card, balance reward card etc and can also be tracked by the police. Open
Idea Rocks Idea Rocks is an online portal where Entrepreneurs are connected with local investors who want to fund local business ideas. Full
In The Love Of The Game Recreational athletic programs run by student athletes to connect the disabled community through sport on college campus starting with UMass Lowell. Open
Incubator Initiative The incubator initiative seeks to design, build, and implement low cost, sustainable incubators in Les Cayes, Haiti. Open
Indoor Home Grown Herbs Making and selling of an electronically controlled indoor garden for fresh food Full
Integrated health and fitness online services platform Online platform that integrate fitness program, diet planning, consultation and motivational services Full
Interactive e-learning for kids Developing of interactive e-learning system for kids in Asian market Full
Internet of "3D printer " Make a user friendly 3D printer. No more wires, no bundle of software, all of things can be done on-line by using even a smart-phone in anywhere. Open
IV Site Savers Our idea is to modify a brace-type product for pediatric patients with peripheral IVs. This product will cover their IV site, but will provide an easi Open
KEnDERS Body Armor Advanced athletic equipment utilizing shear thickening fluids. Full
Kinect Ninja A game that keeps players active and healthy. We plan on using the technology and data we collect to help stroke victims. Open
Know Your Narcan This project is a program that is focused on educating and giving Narcan to those who have young loved ones who are known drug addicts. Open
Lexington Stormwater Project Using proper EPA collection and testing techniques in conjuction with Town of Lexington Muncipal Engineers Full
logistica Creating an easier platform to buy products online in a single go rather than searching various websites and faster home delivery in a specific area. Open Publish your fan fiction and role-plays in a realistic and functional WebGL book. Get paid for book views with the option to donate to charity. Open
Masela Dental We are creating a low cost denture solution using 3D printing technology. Full
Mayday Mayday is a wearable bluetooth device, that send out alerts to prefixed friends, family and law enforcement when activated in emergency situations. Full
Merrimack Walkway Project Student Led Service Learning Project to rehab and reclaim unused lands on the banks of the Merrimack River Full
Mom At College We are developing a time management app for android devices targetted to college students Open
Netlane Transit OD Device capable of collecting data of public transit systems (i.e. volume, origin and destination of passegers) using wi-fi in order to improve service Full
NEVER WALK ALONE This is the application for persons security when he/she travelling alone from insecure place. Full
Novel Shopping Style People don't need to carry a market basket, they only need a card. Open
Ocean Cleaner for a Cleaner Ocean Our team is designing and fabricating a device to easily collect surface ocean trash in harbors. Full
Parking Create an app that allows you to find the closest available parking spot to you. Open
Pneumatic Tick Remover Design, develop, and test a cheap, reliable tick remover. Device size is small, lightweight, reusable, and portable. Full
Praesidishare Praesidishare is a medical application that intends to provide a communication medium that is easily accessible by professional healthcare providers. Open
Refuse Refuse To redesign and prototype a trash receptacle that is more user friendly, particularly for the disposal of abandoned trash. Full
Slope Buddies Slope Buddies will be an online community for skiers and snowboarders to meet new people, connect and plan trips to the mountains. Open
Smart Streets Every other day we hear news about a road side robbery or theft and terror activities. We here try to make streets secured using current technology. Open
Solar Electric Vehicle We are combining high efficiency motors with light weight materials to create electric vehicles capable of being powered purely by solar panels. Full
Space Guard This product is a vehicle/space protector. It guards your car/ space from snow, pollon, sun, leaves, someone stealing your parking space, and more. Open
Spot Seeker Create an app that allows you to find the closest available parking spot to you. Open
Stirling Engine A stirling engine produces rotary motion based off a heat differential. We would like to make it more efficient and portable. Full
Subsection Budgeting A budgeting tool that helps customers of a bank budget their money into different categories to promote organization and assist visual learners. Full
Target Sensor The Target Sensor allows the owner to detect the vitamins that the body is missing so the individual knows what to do to stay healthy. Open
The Everybody's Everything Project Everybody's Everything Project is a non-profit dedicated to bringing cultures together through fusion of genre, redefining the orchestral experience. Full
The Foamable in situ “Buster” Cast An in situ, rapidly deployed structural foam system to support the splinting-of healing fractured limbs Full
The Wish Well "The Wish List" To help create a registrar utilizing smart phone technologies such as camera, scan, and data input. Open
Top Notch Network Top Notch Network is a startup company aiming to become the most dominant networking company in New England. Open
UML Alert Improve safety of the campus by providing a set of alerts to be ready on the go! Open
Wireless Power The use of wave mediums to charge elecronic devices efficiently and aim to save energy. Full
Word Builder Learn to read thru play Full