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Casey McRae and Cormac Hondros-McCarthy present Prototooth at the DifferenceMaker 2014 Francis College of Engineering Prototyping Competition.

Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Students and faculty of all disciplines working together to develop innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to the major problems facing our community, the region and the world

The UMass Lowell Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship recognizes the need for students, faculty & staff to engage in both innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the center, the university has introduced a range of activities geared towards expanding our students', faculty and staffs' understanding of how they can engage in research, technology, innovation, entrepreneurship & new ventures.

There are three major initiatives that fall under the Center:

DifferenceMaker Program sponsors specific programs and activities that support students in solving big problems through innovative and entrepreneurial action.

UMass Lowell's New Venture Initiative (NVI) is a model for University cultivation of startup activity. NVI provides a path for University-owned innovation to become a startup. Enhanced mechanisms, support and resources for external startups seeking to partner with the University are also available through NVI.

The Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2) is a lifeline for the state’s smaller medical device companies, offering inventors and executives easy, affordable, and coordinated access to world-class researchers and resources at the Lowell and Worcester campuses of the University of Massachusetts.