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Custom Software

vLabs Custom Software

One of the great things about vLabs is that it will present to you the software you need for your specific academic discipline and interests. Below is a listing of most software on vLabs, but the list changes constantly, so please check back often.

Acrobat Pro Excel OM 3 Minitab 16 Stata 14*
Adobe Acrobat XI Firefox MS Office 2016 Tablet
Adobe Contribute Google Earth MS Project* Vensim PLE
Adobe CS6
Design and Web Premium
Inform 7 MS Visual Studio 2015 WinCoot
Adobe Dreamweaver 2015 Internet Explorer MySQL Workbench Windows 10
Adobe Illustrator 2015 Infinity Analyse NCLEX-RN ^ Windows Frotz
Adobe Photoshop 2015 Infinity Capture Notepad ++ WireShark
AsimuText Java 7 Update 55 NVivo 11* ZoomText
Chemistry* Lanschool Student Putty
Chromas MassChip PyMOL
Chrome Mathematica 10 R Statistics
ClustalW2 Matlab 2016* Read & Write 11
Cn3d 4 MEGA 7 SAP
C-ROADS Metal Health III Schrodinger Suite 2015
CSCE Project* Mathematica 10 Sequencher 5.2.5
Digital Humanities* Matlab 2016* SimUText
Eclipse IDE* MEGA 7 SPSS 24
EndNote Metal Health III SQL Management Studio

*Software is only presented to students in pre-approved academic disciplines, classes or careers.

^Software is exclusive for students in College of Health Sciences