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Client Instructions

iPads, Tablets, Smartphones or On Campus; Pick One!

Accessing UMass Lowell vLabs is quick and easy. The instructional links below provide step-by-step guides on accessing vLabs. If you are looking for information about logging into an on-campus vLabs station, select the “lab station access” instructions. If you do not have permission to install software on your computer or device, select the “HTML Access Client” instructions. Otherwise, select the link that pertains to your device.

Important Upgrade Tip

If you are using a phone or tablet using the VMware Horizon App, you will need to remove all saved sessions by deleting them and re-connect to the server. You can do this by pressing and holding on the shortcut (to Learning Commons, for instance) and deleting it. Then click on the servers cloud at the bottom of the screen and reconnect to Once this is done, you can connect normally and continue to use the new shortcut it recreates.