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Loaner Laptops

Faculty & Staff Loaner Program

The UMass Lowell IT Service Desk has 15 loaner laptops reserved for use at UMass Lowell-sanctioned events. Due to strict software agreements, these laptops can be loaned out only to UMass Lowell faculty or staff members. Students who need access to these laptops for campus events must do so through a UMass Lowell faculty or staff member. 

Here's how the loaner program works, step by step. 

1. Contact the IT SERVICE DESK as soon as you book your event 

Event coordinators should give a two-week notice before the laptops will be picked up. No reservation will be accepted in less than a week's time before the event.  

2. Complete your laptop loaner agreement

The UMass Lowell Event PC Terms and Conditions form must be signed before or upon pick-up of the laptop. The event coordinators will receive the form via e-mail upon assignment of the event laptop.

3. Pick up your equipment prior to your event

The event coordinator is responsible for the pick-up and drop-off of all laptops and laptop accessories. In all circumstances, event laptops must be transported in a protective carrying case. A limited number of soft cases are available to store and transport individual laptops. For large quantities, the Help Center can loan out a rolling hard case that can store up to seven laptops plus accessories. Event coordinators must be prepared to handle transportation of the rolling hard case if it is to be used. The rolling hard case weighs 50 pounds when empty and, of course, will weigh considerably more when full.  

4. Promptly return your loaner laptop to the IT Service Desk

Laptops must be returned as soon as possible after the conclusion of the event. There is a two-week limit on the loan period.

Please Note: All loaner laptops must stay on the UMass Lowell campus.

Loaner laptops cannot be removed from the UMass Lowell campus without proper written approval from the IT Service Desk. Additionally, these laptops cannot be taken out of the country.