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Voice Services FAQ's

  • How to change your Voice Mail greeting?

    Once you've dialed into your voice mail, perform the following:

    Option 4: Options Menu

    Option 1: Record Menu 

    Option 7: Record Customize Greeting

    Option 1: Here, it will ask for a two digit code. Pick a code between 01 and 99. 

    Option 1: to review existing greeting or Option 2 to record new greeting, press # when done.

    Press 1: To accept greeting

    To activate your greeting, perform the following:

    Option 7

    Option 2: To activate greeting, here you will need to enter the two digit code assigned to your greeting from above. 

  • How to Redial?

    Press Last Number button or #9 to redial that last external number dialed.

  • How to adjust ringer tone?

    Dial located on left side of telephone (above ringer volume dial).

  • How to adjust ringer volume?

    Dial located on left side of the telephone (below ringer tone dial).

  • How to adjust Speaker Volume?

    Lever located lower right side of telephone.

  • How to hold a three-way conference call?

    While in conversation:

    Press XFER

    Dial number of third party

    Announce conference

    Press XFER again to connect to all parties

  • How to transfer calls?

    Press XFER

    Dial number to transfer call to

    Announce the transfer

    Hang up

    Cancel transfer if number is busy/unanswered/mis-dialed:

    Press XFER to return to calling party

  • How to set up voicemail?

    Your campus phone is set up with voicemail. If you simply press the 'voicemail' button labeled on your phone, it will take you through a tutorial on setting up your password, etc...

    When you get a voicemail message, your voicemail button will flutter red. To retrieve it, just push the voicemail button and enter your password. Then follow along to retrieve it. 

  • How do I check my Voicemail off campus?

    To check messages off campus, just dial 978-934-5000.

    When prompted, enter your mailbox number (your 5 digit extension), and enter your voice mail password. 

  • How to Deactivate Customized Greeting?

    Option 4 Options Menu

    Option 1 Record Menu

    Option 7 Record Customize Greeting

    Option 2 Set Active Greeting press 0 for default greeting

  • How to leave a Callback?

    To leave a callback if the extension is busy:

    While listening to a busy or Call Waiting tone, press CLBK

    Listen for confirmation tone

    Hang up handset

    When called extension is no longer busy, you will hear 3 short rings

    Lift handset; call is automatically placed to the called party

    To leave a callback if there is no answer:

    While listening to the ring tone press CLBK

    Listen for confirmation tone

    Hang up handset

    To return a callback message:

    If you have a message, your CLBK light will flash. 

    Press CLBK

    Call is automatically returned to the calling party

  • How to Forward Calls?

    To forward calls:

    Lift hand set and and press Forward button or *3 followed by number where calls are to be forwarded 

    To remove forwarding:

    Lift handset and press Forward button or #3

    NOTE: When FORWARD appears on your display, it may mean that YOUR phone is forwarded; it may mean that one or more of the line appearances on your phone are forwarded to another extension or voice mail. 

  • How to use Call Pickup?

    Press Pickup button or #7 to pick up ringing phone in your vicinity (NOTE: You must be in the same call pickup group as the phone you are attempting to pick up.)

    If the phone number of the ringing line appears on your phone, simply press that line appearance on your phone. 

  • How to use Call Waiting?

    Press HOLD

    Accept waiting call (after short ring)

    Press HOLD to return to waiting party on line

    Alternate between call by pressing HOLD

  • How to use Conference Calls?

    Allows a total of 7 parties

    Begin from an existing call:

    Press CONF

    Dial next party; announce conference

    Press CONF again

    All parties in conference

    Repeat above steps to add other parties

  • How to adjust handset volume?

    Dial located upper right side of phone.

  • How to place a call on hold?

    To place a call on hold:

    Press HOLD

    To retrieve a held call:

    Press HOLD