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Schrodinger Suites

Schrodinger is a state-of-the-art chemical simulation software for use in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research.

License Coverage

This license allows all faculty, staff and students to install this product on university-owned equipment. The application can also be installed and used on personally-owned computers via VPN. Schrodinger is also available in vLabs and vLabs:Engineering.

Software Download

This software runs on the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

  1. Installation instructions for Windows
    • After downloading the Schrodinger for Windows, right-click on the downloaded file and choose Extract All.
    • A panel opens so you can choose the destination (Desktop is recommended) where the extracted files will go. Ensure that Show extracted files when complete is selected.
    • After the extraction, open the extracted folder. Double click setup (Application). Click Next in the installer.
    • In the Destination folder step, click Next to accept the default location. Then choose Install for option.
    • In the Setup Type step, leave the selection at the default and click Next.
    • In the Product Selection folder, check Select All and click Next. If you want to install only some products, check the boxes for those products instead of checking Select All.
    • Click Start to start the installation. In File Types step, click Next.
    • In the Software Activation step, click Next. Deselect View Release Notes and click OK.
    • After installation, download the license file zip folder and extract the file Desktop.
    • Go to Start -> Computer -> Program Files -> Schrodinger2015-3.
    • Copy and Paste the extracted license file in the Schrodinger2015-3 folder.
    • Test applications, run Maestro.
  2. Installation instructions for MAC
    • Download the Schrodinger for Mac. Click the dmg file to download the pkg installer file.
    • Double click the pkg installer file and follow the steps to install the applications.
    • After installation, download the license file zip folder and double click the file to access the license folder.
    • Click finder, then click Go to the folder. In the textbox, type in /library.
    • Click OK, then click Application Support.
    • In the Application Support folder, you’ll notice a Schrodinger folder.
    • Move the licenses folder to the Schrodinger folder.
    • Test Maestro, run applications.
  3. Installation instructions for Linux
    • Download the Schrodinger for Linux. Open terminal.
    • Extract the tar file, type command: tar -xvf Schrodinger_Internet_Download.tar.
    • type tar -xvf Schrodinger_Suites_2015-3_Linux-x86_64.tar to extract the files.
    • type cd Schrodinger_Suites_2015-3_Linux-x86_64.
    • type ./INSTALL and follow the installation setup.
    • Move the license file into the Schrodinger folder, which contains the tar file.
    • Test Maestro, run applications.

For the full instruction manual on how to download Schrodinger software, please view the Installation guide for details.

Maestro is the graphical user interface for all of Schrodinger’s computational programs. Applications included in Maestro are listed below:

  • BioLuminate
  • CombiGlide
  • ConfGen
  • Core Hopping
  • Desmond
  • Epik
  • Field-Based QSAR
  • Glide
  • Induced Fit
  • Jaguar
  • LigPrep
  • MacroModel
  • Materials Science
  • Phase
  • Physics-Based ADME/Tox
  • Prime
  • Protein Preparation Wizard
  • QikProp
  • QSite
  • Semiempirical NDDO
  • Shape Screening
  • SiteMap
  • Strike

Technical Support

For technical support, please email for further assistance.