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Data Collection with Surveys

qualtrics logo is all lowercase black letters with a blue bold XM at the top right after the word. Below are two buttons Yes or No I have a preexisting account and below that is a Get Started button.

If you have used the software before, you will get the option to connect a preexisting account. Select Get Started. Enter your UMass Lowell email credentials.


Qualtrics is a web-based application for creating surveys.

Read about how to create mid-semester surveys (pdf) from templates available for copying into your own Project List from the University of Massachusetts System: Lowell group library.

Online training is available on our software page. Select Hoonuit (Hoonuit) and search the video repository for Qualtrics.

License Coverage

This license allows all active faculty, staff and students to use.

Account Creation

To build your own survey(s), using your web browser, visit the Qualtrics online software.

Technical Support

  • From your Qualtrics page click Help from the top-right corner and select Contact Support
  • On the sign-in window click "Sign in with SSO"
  • Enter "umasslowell" for the Organization ID

You can also call Qualtrics at 800-340-9194 or email: