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Voice Mail

Skype for Business - Voice Mail

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Access voice mail from a phone

  • If you have a desk phone, you can press the Voice Mail button: messages icon
  • Alternatively, you can dial 978-934-1800 from any phone to access your voice mail; from on-campus, you can dial extension 4-1800
  • You will be prompted for your extension and voice mail PIN
    Note: If you are dialing from your on-campus phone number, you may only be prompted for your PIN

Access Voice Mail using the Skype for Business application

  • Click the Calls icon, then select Voicemail:
    A list of voice mail messages will appear at the bottom of the window; you can click on a message to play it.

Alerts for new voice mail messages in Skype for Business

When you have an unread voicemail message, a red dot will appear above the Calls icon:


As seen in the screenshot above, a red dot will also appear next to any unread voice mail messages in the list.

Note: Voice mail messages will also appear in your Outlook inbox, along with your other messages. For more information on Unified Messaging, go to

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