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Transfer Phone Calls

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Note: If the Hold and Transfer buttons are not visible during a call, click Call ControlsCall Control iconto view them.

Initially Visible
Initially visible
Visible after clicking on Call Controls button

Transfer a call directly to another person without announcing the call first (known as a “blind transfer”).

  • When you are in a call you want to transfer, click Transfer : Transfer icon
  • In the search bar, enter the name or phone number of the person to whom you want to transfer the call, or select a person from your Contacts. Click Transfer at the bottom of the window.

Transfer Call

  • After a moment, the call will transfer and you will be removed from the call.

Transfer a call to another person and announcing the call first (known as “transfer with announcement”)

  • When you are in the call you want to transfer, place that call (the ‘first party’) on hold by clicking Hold: Pause icon
  • Return to the Skype for Business window and make a second call as you would normally to the person to whom you want to receive the transferred call (the ‘second party’). If you did not place the first party on hold as described above, the first party will automatically be placed on hold.
  • After announcing the transfer, click Transfer.Transfer icon
  • Select the first party and click OK.

Transfer Call 2

Park a call so someone else can pick it up

When you ‘park’ a call, it is placed on hold so someone else can pick it up by dialing a retrieval code. Note:

    • Only the audio portion of a call can be parked
    • If you want a specific person to pick up the call, it is preferable to transfer the call directly instead of using the ‘park’ feature
  • To park a call, click TransferTransfer icon, then click Park the call:

Park the Call icon

  • The call is now parked and you will see a notice with the ‘park retrieval code’:

Park Retrieval code

  • Click Retrieve to pick up the call yourself, or provide the retrieval code to someone else within the university so they can pick up the call; they just need to dial the retrieval code from their phone.

Transfer a call directly to a person’s voice mail

  • To transfer a call to someone’s voice mail, click TransferTransfer icon.
  • In the “Transfer Call” window, search for the person or find their contact entry.
  • In the list of matching names, hover your mouse over the person’s picture or picture placeholder.
  • Click the arrow beside the phone icon and select Voice Mail.

Voice Mail

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