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Domain Name Services

Domain Name Services (DNS) simplifies the use of many services across the Internet by allowing people to use common names and proper nouns to access network-based services. At UMass Lowell, this service makes it possible for online resources to be accessed via commonly used names, such as and

Most computers on campus, including those using DHCP, are automatically configured to use the campus DNS and are provided names. Clients running servers or providing online services may request a specific hostname. 

Requesting a New Name

Host names and static IP addresses are issued only to faculty and staff. We encourage members of the campus community to use DHCP instead of static IP addresses. 

If a system provides services or content and requires a static IP address, you must provide the following information when you submit your request: 

  • A description of the services or content being provided
  • The physical location of the system
  • The principal technical and administrative contact

Learn More About DNS

To request a static IP address, submit changes to host names or other DNS entries or for questions regarding DNS or IP addresses, contact the IT Service Desk at 978-934-4357 or email