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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a core network service that allows users to move devices from place to place on the network without making configuration changes. 

How DCHP Works 

DCHP dynamically allocates a network address to clients as they shift from one network to another. The service automatically assigns all necessary network information including IP address, subnet mask, gateway and the appropriate server.  

All devices connecting to the wired network in University residences or to the University's wireless network are required to use DHCP. Clients must have a DHCP-capable TCP/IP stack running on their network device and must be configured to use DHCP.

Learn More About DCHP

If you need assistance setting up your computer to use DHCP, contact your local IT technician, the IT Service Desk 978-934-4357 or send an email to

DHCP lease time for most devices connected to the wired network is seven days. Wireless devices have lease times of 30 minutes.