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Wireless Access on Campus

The UMass Lowell Information Technology Center provides extensive wireless network access throughout the UMass Lowell campus. Our infrastructure ensures that everyone in the UMass Lowell community will have secure, high-speed access to the network.

  • Eduroam Wireless Access

Each semester, the IT team makes upgrades throughout the academic, administrative, and student areas of the university in an effort to keep pace with the University’s ever-growing wireless demands.

To take best advantage of the UMass Lowell wireless network, you must have:

  • A computer or mobile device to make a wireless connection (must be capable of using 802.1x encryption)
  • An account authorized for UMass Lowell wireless access. This is typically your UMass Lowell email address.

Purchasing a Wireless Device?

When purchasing new devices, look for wireless cards that support 802.11a/g/n/ac. Devices that only support g/n (without the 802.11a/n) are more likely to experience sluggish performance in places where there is a high density of wireless device usage.

How to Establish a Wireless Connection

Please connect to the appropriate wireless network depending upon your usage (i.e. if you are faculty, staff, or a student, do not use the guest network):

What is "eduroam"?

eduroam is a secure, worldwide roaming wireless service developed for the international research and higher education community.

eduroam allows UMass Lowell faculty, staff, and students to obtain free wireless connectivity at participating institutions around the world, by simply opening their device and connecting to the eduroam network at those institutions. This makes connecting to the Internet easy, convenient, and secure when visiting other campuses for conferences, research, or other reasons. Similarly, visitors from those participating institutions can easily get wireless access on the UMass Lowell campus by connecting to the eduroam network here.

eduroam is also available on the Amherst, Boston, and Dartmouth campuses as well as the President's Office. More info on eduroam can be found on the eduroam website. Maps are available of participating institutions in the United States and at international locations.

Configuration Instructions

Here are connection instructions for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and Chromebook operating systems, as well as guest access and game consoles. Need more help? Contact the IT Service Desk at x44357 for assistance.