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Mac Casper Enrollment

Casper Enrollment

casper enrollment

To take advantage of the latest software and security updates for Macs enroll in Casper. Enrollment is required by UMass policy.

Follow these instructions:

Navigate to

download package casper

Login with your UMass Lowell credentials (email and password).

The next screen will ask you to download and install a package.

install quickadd.pkg

Press download, this will download a package called "QuickAdd.pkg" to your downloads folder locally on your mac. The webpage will also change and look as if it's loading.

today quick add pkg

Once you have the QuickAdd package downloaded you can close the webpage. Open your Downloads Folder in Finder. You will see the QuickAdd package.

self service casper

Hold Control and click on the package. This step is essential. If you do not do this it will say you can not install it as it was not downloaded from the App Store. Once launched just click install and authenticate with your password. You will know when the installer is finished when the Self Service portal (a new applications folder) automatically opens.

You may then select the software desired such as Microsoft Office 2016.