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Lenovo Certifications

Lenovo Certifications

The Lenovo Self-Maintainer Program offers certification training for UMass Lowell campus technicians. The program includes a series of online tutorials, videos, presentations and subsequent tests for:

  • warrantee basics for administrators and technicians
  • desktop and ThinkPad (laptop) systems 

Once campus technicians are Lenovo-certified they may:

  • work on Lenovo systems without voiding existing warrantees
  • access online service manuals, diagnostic tools and updates 

(This will be important for maintaining campus systems for the fourth and final year of the Computer Replenishment Program because warrantees expire after three years.) 

Service Requests

Because UMass Lowell is an authorized Lenovo service center, all service requests placed through the Lenovo US Warranty Self-Maintainer Program are divided into two categories:

  • CRU (Customer Replaceable Units) - This includes laptop batteries, RAM, desktop keyboard, mouse, etc. These are basic repairs and part replacements that most customers can handle without technical training. 
  • FRU (Field Replaceable Units) - This includes system boards, fan units, power supplies, etc. These repairs require a properly trained technician to replace necessary parts. Lenovo will reimburse UMass Lowell for most of these repairs once a service request is entered and approved.

Contact Bob Coppenrath for more information on the Lenovo certification process at 978-934-2686 or