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Frequently Asked Questions

Exchange Server Mailbox Management / Quotas

  • Why is my mailbox managed so tightly?

    Exchange Server stores all your data (messages, attachments, appointments, contacts, etc.) on the server until you explicitly remove it. Because of this, you must take precautions to ensure you do not run out of space on the server.

  • What is my mailbox size limit?

    Faculty and staff mailbox quotas are set at 5 gigabytes (GB). You will receive a warning once you reach 4.5 GB and will have reduced mailbox functionality at 5 GB.

  • Why am I receiving warning messages from the System Administrator about my mailbox size?

    All mailboxes on Exchange Server 2010 are configured with mailbox limits. Faculty and staff have a mailbox quota of 5 GB. Messages in your Deleted Items, Drafts and Sent Items folders count towards your mailbox quota so be sure to clear these folders on a regular basis.

  • What happens if someone sends me a message when my mailbox is over the limit?

    When your mailbox is over your limit, new incoming message will be immediately returned to senders with a notification that your mailbox is currently not accepting new messages. Once your mailbox size drops below your limit you will receive new messages.

  • What is the limit on the size of each message?

    Individual messages cannot exceed 25 megabytes (MB) in size. This includes the body of the message and all attachments.

  • How do I check my mailbox quota?

    If you are using OWA:

    1. Log into Outlook Web App at
    2. In the lower left of the window, on the navigation bar, click Mail to make sure you are in the correct view.
    3. In the upper left, you will see the Folder list. Your name will be displayed as lastname, firstname. Place the cursor over your name. A small box will display your storage information.

    If you are using the full Outlook email client:

    1. Go to Tools on the Outlook toolbar
    2. Click Mailbox Cleanup…
    3. Click View Mailbox Size…