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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions / Features

  • What is the maintenance schedule for the email servers?

    Maintenance for the email servers is scheduled for every first Wednesday of the month from 4-7 a.m. During this time, email service may be interrupted. Unless there is a critical update released from Microsoft, this schedule will be maintained.

  • In the full Outlook email client, how can I change my default view in the Global Address List (GAL) so I see employees?

    The GAL is the list of names, resources and groups you can browse when you click the To. . . button in an email (this opens the Select Names dialog box). To narrow the search to a certain group (Employees, for example) do the following:

    1. In Outlook's menu bar, click Tools > Address Book.
    2. In the Address Book's menu bar click Tools > Options.
    3. The Addressing dialog opens and the first option is Show this address list first.
    4. Select Employees from the drop-down list and click OK and close the Address Book.

    Once you complete this step, the next time you click To. . . in a new email message, the names from the Employees list will display. You can choose to display the rest of the list at any time from within the Select Names dialog box.

  • Why are some of my University-related email messages showing up in the UMass Lowell Proofpoint End User Digest?

    If you notice University-related messages in your UMass Lowell Proofpoint Spam Catcher, this means the messages simulate spam with special tags and therefore appear as spam to the spam filters. These messages are placed in a quarantined area. For more information regarding this spam filtering application, visit the UMass Lowell Proofpoint Spam Catcher page.

  • How do I submit a Whitelist request?

    With the new Proofpoint spam filtering application, users can add an address or domain to the Safe Senders List (formally called Whitelist), which tells the Proofpoint anti-spam system to deliver messages that come from those particular addresses directly to your Inbox. There is also an option to add an address or domain to a Blocked Senders List, which tells the Proofpoint anti-spam system to automatically quarantine messages sent from those particular addresses. For more information regarding the Proofpoint spam-filtering application, visit the UMass Lowell Proofpoint Spam Catcher page.