Secure File Transfer / Secure File Collaboration

New! Shareit provides Secure File Transfers plus Secure File Collaboration

Good news for everyone on the UMass Lowell Campus that shares information with faculty and staff, partners, vendors, and more.

The new and improved Shareit Secure File Transfer Service (previously known as Dropbox) allows faculty and staff to securely send files or folders up to 10 gigabytes (GB) to internal and external recipients with the comprehensive file tracking and reporting required for enterprise data security and compliance. 

Shareit is not an email application and therefore solves the typical problems associated with conventional, unsecure file transfer processes (FTP) handled through email or FTP-based solutions to send large files.

Shareit Is Easy To Use

This web-based interface is intuitively designed. Faculty and staff securely log in to Shareit using their UMass Lowell email address and password. 
  • Automated Download Receipt - When a recipient downloads a file, a return receipt is generated to the sender. The recipient is unaware of the return receipt and cannot turn it off.
  • External Send Back - External recipients (such as partners or researchers) self-register with Shareit to send files to UMass Lowell without the need for a separate account setup from Information Technology.
  • End-to-End File Security - Files are uploaded, stored and downloaded through secure links. All recipients are authenticated, ensuring only the intended recipients can access the file. 
  • Large File/Folder Transfer Capacity - Users can send files and folders up to 10 GB with one quick click. (For custom transfers, we can temporarily allow up to 20 GB.)
  • Auto Auditing and Tracking - Auditable records of sent items can be viewed and summarized by individual recipient, subject, file name, date sent, and file expiration date.  
  • Two-week File Retention - By default, files remain on the secure Shareit server for 14 days when they are automatically removed. 
  • Plug-ins to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and 2010 - To send files up to 10 GB directly from Microsoft Office Outlook, click the secure file transfer icon from the Outlook Toolbar, then attach a file via Shareit and send your email message. The file is securely uploaded to the Shareit server and the email is delivered with a secure link to the file. The recipient clicks the secure link and after authentication can download the file.

New Secure File Collaboration Tools, too. 

The Shareit Secure File Collaboration Service makes it easier than ever to share project files, images, presentations, spreadsheets, financial documents and any file/folder up to 10 GB in size for the duration of the project.

  • Secure Access to Files Anytime, Anywhere - Collaborate with departments, researchers, committees, vendors, business partners, other UMass campuses, and more via Shareit secure “workspaces”.
  • Role-Based Access - Faculty and staff can create and manage workspaces by granting access to users and assigning specific roles such as manager, contributor or viewer.  
  • Auditing and Tracking - Notifications can be sent when a new file is uploaded, an existing file is changed, or a comment is left on a file.   
  • Enhanced Search Tools - These make it easier to quickly find files or folders.
  • Mobile Apps Integration - Users can securely browse, view, save, edit, upload, and share files anytime, anywhere by using their mobile device (Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Android)

To access Shareit, please visit

To review the Getting Started Guide, visit and click Getting Started.

For Frequently Asked Questions, review Shareit_FAQ (pdf)

For questions regarding Shareit, please contact the UMass Help Center at 978-934-4357 or email:  A ticket will be assigned and an IT resource will contact you.