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UMass Lowell's Summit Enterprise Reporting System is a dashboard-designed reporting system that provides users with a single reporting application to access data across multiple areas, including Student Administration, Finance and Human Resources.

Data is displayed in table or graphs formats in dashboards that track key performance indicators and provide updates, such as actionable alerts. Dashboards use targeted data-sets to answer your specific questions regarding status and performance in your organization.

The system is built on the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) tool set.

You can register for Summit Enrollment Management Training via email:

ThursdayMarch 26, 20202-4 p.m.University Crossing (UCC) 242
ThursdayApril 23, 20202-4 p.m.University Crossing (UCC) 156
ThursdayMay 28, 20202-4 p.m.University Crossing (UCC) 155
WednesdayJune 10, 20202-4 p.m.University Crossing (UCC) 155