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Clickers: Faculty Resources

Turning Technologies

Clickers are a Personal Response System (PRS) used to engage students through in-class exercises on an LCD projector, using polls, surveys, or tests, while conveniently tracking attendance and participation. This page provides an outline of practical steps to get set up, pedagogical considerations, and support to help you determine if clicker technology is a practical tool for your discipline and your students. Academic Technologists recommend requesting a consult to get started with TurningPoint Cloud.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Contact Academic Technology by email to request a consult, an Instructor Kit and Channel.
  2. Order clicker bundles from the Bookstore or 978-934-2623 or 978-934-6431
  3. Create and log into your instructor account
  4. Complete your Blackboard Course Set up 
  5. Add the Student Registration link for students in Blackboard to register their devices.
  6. Provide direction to students regarding Blackboard registration.


  • Faculty must use Blackboard course shells with the TurningPoint Cloud integration.
  • Order clickers from the Bookstore each semester (similar to a book order)
  • Students must register their device through the Blackboard link for answers to be captured.
  • In order to view and/or grade individual student responses, students must create a Turning Point account, register a device, and have an active license.
  • To see what is required for a PC or Mac operating system, the TurningPoint website has a get started link with technology considerations.

For Your Students

If students do not purchase a license and complete the registration process, results will be saved, but will not display in session reports. Faculty will not see results.

  • Students can purchase a new bundle containing a device and 4 year TP Cloud license at the Bookstore
  • Turning Point licenses with timelines shorter than 4 years may be purchased online through their Turning account.
  • Students must register through the Blackboard TP Cloud registration link that you place in your course

Note: Academic Technology is currently testing a TurningPoint software that students can download to their phones as an alternative to clickers. Results are inconsistent. Faculty may elect to allow students to use ResponseWare at their own discretion.

recommended effective practices

Some Pedagogical Considerations:

  • Enhance learning through interactivity with the benefit of attendance tracking
  • Set aside time for creating and updating questions as well as managing students' PRS issues and tasks
  • Adhere to a clear grading policy for PRS and include policies in course syllabi that address:
    • coverage of absences
    • cheating (one students brings another student's clicker)
    • technical problems
    • forgotten clickers
    • batteries died
  • Develop a strategy for facilitating discussions with large groups
  • Adjust class time to allow for discussions and discovery to enhance or refine content coverage
  • Benefit from others – visit PRS classes and consult with your PRS colleagues


Check for updates for the TurningPoint Cloud software by clicking on the logo when the software is open. See the User Guides and Support page or Turning Technologies Support. For more help, or to request a consult, contact Academic Technology by email or phone: 978-934-4357.


  • Problem: Why are there are asterisks instead of responses in my session results for some students?
    • Solution: When you see asterisks *** instead of responses, this indicate that students have not purchased a license. The responses are saved and will populate once the student purchases a license and has registered their device through the link in your Blackboard course. (how to add a link)
  • Problem: Students claim they have a clicker and purchased a license but do not show up in the Participant list
  • Problem: Students are getting stuck in Messaging mode; therefore they are not answering the question but sending the instructor multiple messages.
    • Solution: Inform students not to use Message mode. disable the Send Message function while polling is open.