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Blackboard: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I log into the new On-Campus blackboard?

    The URL for On-Campus Blackboard is but you can find links to both the OCE and On-Campus Blackboard on the UMass Lowell Blackboard page. Users can toggle between the systems with the Go to OCE or Go to On-Campus links at the top right of the window.

  • What is merging blackboard shells?

    Merging shells is used to combine multiple sections of a course in to one so instructors only need to manage one blackboard course shell. The instructor selects one course to be the master (parent) course and then selects other courses (sections) to merge into it. Merging blackboard shells merges the enrollments for all courses selected into the single master course shell. This includes all students and any other instructors or TAs. Once courses are merged students will only see content that appears in the master (parent) course. Additional instructors and TAs will have the same permissions in the master course as they did in the merged (child) course.

  • When can I select what courses I want to have a Blackboard shell?

    For Fall 2017, faculty can go into SIS and begin selecting courses on June 1, 2017.

  • Why can't I tag my course in SIS to give it a shell?

    There are a few possibilities:

    • Courses offered through OCE are not able to be tagged in SIS.
    • Tagging is not yet available for the next term.
  • When will I see my course shells appear in On-Campus Blackboard?

    Courses will typically become available to faculty within 7 days after course tagging in SIS begins. After the initial 1 week period courses will be added as they are tagged for a shell, usually within 24 hours.

  • How long does it take to get content copied into my new shell?

    Course content can typically be copied to a new shell within 5 business days.

  • When do On-Campus Blackboard courses become available to students?

    All courses become available to students on the first day of classes for that semester.

  • What do I log in with?

    On-Campus Blackboard users will log in with their campus credentials.

    • Faculty will log in using their @uml email.
    • Students and TAs will log in with their @student email accounts.
  • What if I forgot, or need to change my password?

    Manage your password using the Password Requirements webpage.

    To reset your password, use the Self-Service Password Reset service.

  • How do I get Blackboard access for a TA or Grader?

    TAs and Graders with contract through HR can be enrolled through the Office of the Registrar by completing an online form.