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Clickers: Student Resources

Turning Technologies Help & student information

Registering your clicker in Blackboard

Register through a link in Blackboard on your home page or a folder titled "Start Here."


Instructors cannot access your answers to questions unless you purchase a license.

If you already have a QT or NXT device, purchase a one-year or four-year license from Turning Technologies after you register through the Blackboard TP Cloud registration tool located in your Blackboard course.

Mobile App: ResponseWare

UMass Lowell is currently testing the use of the mobile app. During testing the IT dept will only support faculty participating in the pilot program. Use of the mobile app is done so at the discretion of faculty. Students may or may not be required to purchase a clicker and / or a license to participate fully in their course. Confirm course requirements with your instructor before making a purchasing choice.

For more help and Student Resources with clickers, email: or call the IT Service Desk at: 978-934-4357 to be directed to Blackboard Support in Academic Technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell my device back to the Bookstore?

Usually. The bookstore has traditionally bought back clickers at a lower price.

Can I buy a device directly from Turning Technologies?

Yes, you can purchase a device online directly from Turning Technologies after creating a Turning Technologies account through Blackboard or used clickers on sites such as Amazon.  

There are shipping costs associated with purchasing the QT online; however, the retail price may be lower.

Why Use Clickers?

Clickers help instructors:

  • Actively engage students during the entire class period
  • Gauge their level of understanding of the material being presented, and
  • Provide prompt feedback to student questions
Some instructors require students to purchase a device and a subscription (or license). The subscription allows instructors to see correct and incorrect answers for gradable questions.
Some instructors do not require students to purchase the subscription because they only use the technology to gauge participation.

Do I need to put my Student ID in the QT Device?

No, you do not enter your Student ID into the device. Your student ID is automatically entered into your account during registration through the link in Blackboard.

How do I register?

Students must register through the Blackboard Lowell Day Turning registration tool located on your blackboard course page.

Blackboard Registration Instructions

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view any pdf files. It can be download for free from the Adobe website.

How Do I Change the Channel On My Device?

Each instructor will have a different channel.
To change the channel on your device, press the CH button and type in the two digit channel number that appears on the screen when your instructor starts the software.
You will only need to change the channel once in the beginning of the class.

How do I exit Message mode?

Do not use the Send Message mode. These will not be saved in the data.

NXT and QT devices are designed to send messages to the presenter while polling is open. This mode prevents responses from appearing in the grade book; therefore, students should make sure they have not entered message mode accidentally. 

The NXT device provides a raised hand in the top center when in Message mode. The QT device provide "Send Message" in the top center when entering Message mode.

  • To exit, press the left function key until the raised hand or send message no longer appears on the LCD. Additional instructions, including diagrams are available in the NXT or QT User Guides.
  • In correct mode, the screen will be empty with just the channel number appearing.

Turning Technologies QT and NXT Device User Guides: