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Blackboard On-Campus: Information For Faculty

Fall 2021 Planning

  • COURSE SETUP - Undergraduate course shells are automatically created, with the following exceptions; competency, dissertation, independent study, internship, and thesis courses. Faculty must add a new course template or copy content from an existing course at the Blackboard Course Setup website. Please connect to VPN in order to use this app, if off-campus.
  • BLACKBOARD ACCESS FORMS (TAs, LAs, Graders, & Secondary Instructors) - TAs have the same level of access as Instructors. Graders only have access to the Grade Center. They are added to the course in SIS by the Registrar. On-Campus Blackboard enrollments are fed from SIS every hour on the half hour.
  • MY COURSES MANAGEMENT (pdf) - Every semester your list of courses on the My Courses module gets larger; this job aid shows how you can hide non-essential courses from your list.
  • ATTENDANCE APP - There are several ways to electronically capture attendance in your class. This page has a description of the Attendance App created by Web Services and the attendance tool within Blackboard.
  • LOGIN PROBLEMS - Set your password retrieval security questions at the UMass Lowell Mypassword website to reset your password anytime including after hours. If you forget the answers to your security questions, you will have to contact the IT Service Desk during normal business hours.

Grade Center

On-Campus Blackboard Help & How To

  • Consults: Meet 1:1 with our Instructional Technologists and Designers. Send an email to with a brief description of your needs and when you would like to meet.
  • Pedagogy and Technology Workshops: Held over summer and winter break.
  • INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS This link provides students with answers to frequently asked questions.
  • GETTING STARTED VIDEOS Video repository selected and organized from other institutions and some developed by Academic Technology indicated by (UMass Lowell).
  • ACCESSIBILITY ALLY is an integrated tool in Blackboard that you can use to assess the accessibility of your documents. More information on the Blackboard Help site.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT Email: or call 978-934-HELP (4357).

Academic Technology Team

  • Donna Mellen, Associate Director of Academic Technology
  • Mac Wishart, Senior Instructional Technologist
  • Melanie Maxham, Instructional Designer