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Server Registration

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Is there a server lurking in your office or lab?

If so — and you have not registered it with the campus Information Technology (IT) department — you could be asking for trouble. With a capital T.

A server is a computer with an application or database that is shared by two or more people. It could be a computer tower or a laptop.

You and a research colleague may be using it to store data. Or it might hold files for an office project. Or it could house an address database that several coworkers regularly access. But unless your server is under the watchful eye of the UMass Lowell IT security folks, its contents are vulnerable to loss, corruption and infection.

“If people come to us once a problem has occurred, we might not be able to help,” says UMass Lowell IT Security Specialist Tony Kolodziej. “But by registering their server with us, employees can prevent problems from happening in the first place.”

There are currently about 125 registered servers on campus, mostly in the Department of Computer Science and in the library. But Kolodziej is worried that there are many more out there at risk.

Registering a server is easy and free. Contact Kolodziej at or ext. 4761 or email to request a registration form.

Registered servers have the following benefits:

You are less apt to lose your data. IT provides assistance with backup procedures to keep your data safe in the event of a system crash.
Your server is less likely to become infected by a virus. Vulnerability scans check for system security and identify areas to address before a hacker gets a chance to exploit a weakness.
IT will ensure that firewall rules are accurate and up-to-date to protect against network-based attacks.
What’s even better than registering your server? Having your data or application hosted at the campus data center in Olsen Hall.

For more information about this service, check out the hosting services article in this month’s Interface.