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Graduate Program Coordinators

Quality DI educational materials are available for user support. These printable and interactive online tools are developed in partnership with the UMass system and are available 24 hours per day.

Documentation and Job Aids (designed for printing)

Manuals and Quick Reference Guides   Description
WebNow Graduate Program Directors & Committee Members Quick Reference Guide (pdf)

This will provide quick steps on the following:

  • Logging into WebNow
  • Selecting Plans/Sub-Plans
  • Reviewing/Annotating Documents
  • Routing Applications
Quick Reference Guide for Viewing & Annotating Student Documents (pdf)

This contains details surrounding key functionality for the Registrar's Office:

  • Navigation
  • Document Scanning & Capture
  • Document Linking

Interactive Training Tools (designed for online viewing) 

UPK (About UPK tool)Description
WebNow Fundamentals (UPK)Basic navigation of the system, including how to login and search for documents. 
WebNow Document Management (UPK)Review and process a document in your workflow queue.
Processing Graduate Applications (wmv)The WebNow application provides Graduate Admissions with the ability to scan and process student applications and related documents. This screencast demonstrates the navigational steps Graduate Program Coordinators (known within WebNow context as Graduate Program Directors (GPD)) will be using to review, annotate, and approve/deny student applications. 
Understanding WebNowWebNow provides a secure means of storing and sharing important business documentation. This screencast provides a general overview of the WebNow application including basic screen layout, login procedures and navigation steps. 
Viewing a DocumentThe WebNow Viewer provides you with various options, including zooming in and out of a document, navigating through document pages, and viewing document properties. Additional functionality such as applying annotations will be available depending on your user security. 
Finding Applications in the Applied and Processing QueueWebNow provides the ability to search for and view documents already in process at UMass Lowell. This screencast demonstrates the navigational steps for viewing admission applications and related documents within the Graduate Admissions process.
Searching for documents and creating filtersThe WebNow application provides powerful tools that aid the search for business documents. This screencast demonstrates the basic and advanced search functionality of WebNow including searching with simple and multiple criteria and the creation of saved search filters for repetitive searches. 
Emailing an Application Link for ReviewWebNow allows users to create a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for each document scanned into the system. These URLs are in essence links to the location of that document which can be sent via e-mail from one user to another. This screencast defines the navigation steps for creating and e-mailing URLs associated with Graduate Admissions Application Documents.
Approving or Denying ApplicationsWebNow allows authorized users to approve, deny and/or annotate Graduate Admissions Applications electronically.  Once an application is processed and stamped with a digital signature, it is automatically sent to the next step in the workflow. This screencast demonstrates the navigation steps Graduate Program Directors will use to access the applications awaiting their consideration and how to approve, deny or defer these applications. 
Document NavigationWebNow's Viewer is the module Graduate Program Directors will use when viewing Admission Documents and those associated business application documents that have been linked to them. This screencast describes the navigation steps for accessing document you wish to view and module tools provided including applying annotations, zooming, and sorting documents and working within the workflow.  

Document Imaging Tips and Tricks are designed to give helpful hints that will make navigating through the Document Imaging and WebNow applications easier.

These documents are in pdf format and are viewable using Adobe Acrobat.  Download Adobe Reader for free.

Tips and Tricks