The International Student & Scholar Office places a hold on all international students that prevents them from withdrawing from a course AFTER the Add/Drop Period.

  1. To withdraw from a course AFTER the add/drop deadline, must submit the Request to Withdraw From a Class Eform to ISSO. The Eform must be submitted no later than three days prior to the withdrawal deadline. Late requests will not be considered.
    • Please check the Academic Calendar for add/drop and withdrawal deadlines. With that said, we urge you to contact The Solution Center if you have questions about your program or the add/drop or withdrawal deadlines.
  2. An associate from the ISSO Office must review your request, to evaluate whether you are still eligible to withdraw from the desired course, and whether it will impact your F-1 or J-1 immigration status.
  3. After your withdrawal hold has been temporarily lifted, you will receive an email with further instructions from an ISSO advisor. Remember, you must then drop the course through SIS yourself once the hold has been lifted.
    • It is your responsibility to maintain your immigration status by keeping a full-time course load.

*Please note that prior to the Add/Drop Deadline there is no need to submit this Eform since you already have the ability to add and drop courses on your own.*