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Receiving Your Visa Document

How to ship your visa documents

The International Students & Scholars Office offers students and scholars three options to ship their visa documents. Detailed information for each option is provided below.

To avoid shipping delays or errors that may lead to issues with the processing of your visa we strongly recommend shipping your initial visa document (I-20, DS-2019) using eShipGlobal, as this service is very reliable and you can track your shipment. Note that prices vary dependent on shipping times and carriers.

Important Notice: As of June 4, 2019 DSOs are only authorized to release the Form I-20 directly to nonimmigrant students, their dependents, or, for minors, to their parent or legal guardians. It is not legal to ship a Form I-20 to a recruiter or agent.

Please choose one of the shipping options below.

Option 1 - EShipGlobal

The International Students & Scholars Office at UMass Lowell now uses "eShipGlobal", the centralized online shipping service, for all express mail services to International Students & Scholars. We are happy to offer this service to help provide your initial I-20 and DS-2019 documents in a timely manner. EShipGlobal contracts with FedEx and DHL to provide competitive and discounted rates to our International Student & Scholar population. Payment options include credit card, wire transfer, or PayPal.

At this time, all express shipping services have stopped shipments to Iran. If you are currently in Iran and wish to have an I-20/DS-2019 shipped to you, we will need to mail the document via USPS First Class Mail.

To take advantage of their discounted shipping rates please follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Go to the eShipGlobal website (works best with Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox browsers)
  • Click on "Student sign up" under the "For Students/Scholars" section
  • Register for an account by completing the online form and hitting the "register" button
  • Add credit card information
  • After you have successfully logged in, select "Receive a Package from Universities"
  • Search for University of Massachusetts Lowell and click "continue" after locating it
  • Select "Intl. Students & Scholars Office" and click "continue"
  • When prompted, create a shipment by entering your UMass Lowell Student ID number, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number
  • After completing the "receiver's address" and "shipment information" section click "continue"
  • You will then be presented to select from available courier/service offerings
  • Pick the service you prefer and click "continue"
  • Select your preferred payment option (credit card, wire transfer, or PayPal) and complete the payment details
  • After completing the payment details choose "confirm payment"

Once you have entered all of your information, including payment details, the ISSO office will be notified that a shipping label has been created for you. You will receive an e-mail notification after we have prepared your package for shipment.

If you experience difficulty with the eShipGlobal service or website, use the "Help" link in the eShipGlobal site for step-by-step instructions. Please do not contact FedEx, DHL, or the ISSO as we will not be able to resolve technical issues directly.

Option 2 - Document Pick-up by Authorized Person

If you would like a friend or family member to pick up your documents from the ISSO, you must authorize this by filling out the Document Pick-up E-Form. This will give us your permission to release your documents to the person you designate in the form. Please be sure that the person who will be picking up your documents brings their photo ID with them to the ISSO.

It is important to note that the Document Pick-up E-Form is NOT applicable for initial visa documents.

Please note that the ISSO is not responsible for your documents after they have been picked up from our office.

Immigration documents should NOT be mailed using the Universities mailing system.

Option 3 - United States Postal Service First Class Mail

If you are from a mail sanctioned country please contact our office for further information regarding shipping options.