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J-1 Exchange / Research Scholars

Exchange visitor program authorizing foreign nationals to work and study.

Faculty members wishing to host an international visiting research scholar should contact the ISSO to discuss this process. An ISSO advisor will help advise as to the appropriate way to navigate the immigration process, collect the required internal paperwork and approvals, and help facilitate the on-boarding of the scholar at UMass Lowell

J-1 Exchange / Research Scholars please see the U.S. Department of State Exchange Visitor Visa website for more information.

A note on J-2 dependents: J-2 dependent visa holders are permitted to engage in either part-time or full-time study at an SEVP accredited institution of higher education. J-2 visa holders are also eligible to apply for work authorization from USCIS upon arrival to the US, and only if they can evidence that any money earned through said work will be supplemental to any money earned as part of the J-1 visa holder’s exchange visitor program. Please consult an ISSO advisor upon arrival to the US should a J-2 visa holder be interested in applying for work authorization through USCIS.

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