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General Education & Core Curriculum for Honors Students

Core Curriculum

For students entering after fall 2015

The UMass Lowell Core Curriculum has a two-part framework of requirements:

  • Breadth of Knowledge
  • Essential Learning Outcomes
You can find more information on the Core Curriculum requirements on the UMass Lowell Core Curriculum website.

General Education

For students entering before fall 2015

There are two major components to the General Education program: 

  • Breadth of Knowledge
  • Gen Ed. courses within a major

You can find a list of the courses that can satisfy a general education requirement on the General Education website.

An Honors General Education Course or Core Curriculum course is a dedicated Honors Course that also satisfies a university general education requirement. These are enriched, seminar-like, discussion based courses that strengthen critical thinking and communication.

They will typically have an enrollment between 15-25 students and they will have a 3xx section number (section 301, 302, 303, etc.).

Each semester, a variety of Honors General Education courses are offered and they can be used to satisfy an H3 and/or H4 Honors Course Requirement

However, courses which satisfy the H3 and the H4 requirements must be from two separate academic departments.