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Honors College Advisors

Honors College Advisors keep track of honors files and communicate directly with honors students. Honors College Advisors are responsible for assigning an Honors Status to each of their Honors Advisees. An honors student can learn their honors status from their honors college advisor. Honors advisors are in addition to a student's faculty or professional advisor.

Honors Project/Thesis Tracking Advisor is an additional advisor for those honors students who have earned 84 or more college credits. This advisor provides logistical and procedural support for those students who have passed in their Form 84. All honors students who have earned 84 or more credits must pass in their Form 84.

Regardless of major, the Honors College Advisor forall Honors Transfer Students is Erin Maitland, email: or Elizabeth Farmosa, email:

For all Honors Students who entered UMass Lowell directly from the high school, the Honors College Advisor is given in the tables below.

Francis College of Engineering

DepartmentHonors College Advisor
Chemical EngineeringMegan Hadley
Civil & Environmental EngineeringMegan Hadley
Electrical & Computer EngineeringMegan Hadley
Mechanical EngineeringElizabeth Farmosa
Plastics EngineeringJulian Zabalbeascoa
Undeclared EngineeringMegan Hadley
Biomedical EngineeringRae Mansfield

College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Fine Arts

DepartmentHonors College Advisor
ArtJeff VanderVeen
Music (Business, Performance, Studies)Elizabeth Farmosa
Sound Recording TechnologyElizabeth Farmosa
Comp. for New MediaElizabeth Farmosa


DepartmentHonors College Advisor
American StudiesTom Hersey
EnglishTom Hersey
HistoryTom Hersey
Liberal ArtsTom Hersey
PhilosophyTom Hersey
Undeclared Liberal ArtsTom Hersey
World LanguageTom Hersey

Social Sciences

DepartmentHonors College Advisor
Criminal JusticeBeth Donaghey
EconomicsBeth Donaghey
Peace and Conflict StudiesBeth Donaghey
Political ScienceBeth Donaghey
PsychologyBeth Donaghey
SociologyBeth Donaghey

Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences

DepartmentHonors College Advisor
Public HealthRae Mansfield
Applied Biomedical Science / Clinical Lab SciElizabeth Farmosa
Exercise Physiology & ScienceTom Hersey
NursingElizabeth Farmosa
Nutritional ScienceElizabeth Farmosa
Pharmaceutical ScienceElizabeth Farmosa
Undeclared HealthElizabeth Farmosa

Kennedy College of Sciences

DepartmentHonors College Advisor
Biological SciencesBeth Donaghey
ChemistryBeth Donaghey
Computer ScienceJim Canning
Environmental SciencesMegan Hadley
Mathematical SciencesJim Canning
PhysicsJim Canning

Manning School of Business

DepartmentHonors College Advisor
AccountingJulian Zabalbeascoa
EntrepreneurshipJeff VanderVeen
FinanceJulian Zabalbeascoa
International BusinessJulian Zabalbeascoa
ManagementJeff VanderVeen
MarketingJeff VanderVeen
Operation & Info SystemsJeff VanderVeen
Analytics & Operations Mgmt.Jeff VanderVeen
Undeclared BusinessJeff VanderVeen

College of Education

DepartmentHonors College Advisor
Elementary & Moderate DisabilitiesMegan Hadley

Honors Project/Thesis Tracking & Encouragement Advisor (for all majors)