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Be Collaborative

Students should be told right from the start that an Honors thesis or project is a collaboration between the student and the mentors. They should know that they cannot simply hand something to an mentor and say, "Here it is. Grade me." But it is important to recognize that this is the model they’re used to. The professor gives an assignment, the student does the work and hands it in, the professor delivers a grade. It is part of the thesis mentor’s job to show students a collaborative model, to work closely with them at every stage of the thesis process, to make the thesis a collaboration between student and faculty.

In some Honors programs and colleges, students have more than one mentor for their thesis or project. In these cases, a thesis should also be a collaborative process between mentors. mentors should work in whatever way will best enable the student to meet their expectations and his or her scholarly needs. For the sake of clarity, fairness, thoroughness, and consistency, thesis mentors should consult each other on a regular basis, to compare notes, to monitor progress.