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Meet Our Honors College Alumni

Below are the graduates from the Honors Program/College, as we know them. If you are an honors graduate and are missing from this list, please let us know at

Name Major Title of Honors Thesis/Project
Larry Akers Mechanical Engineering The Contract with American or the Contract on America
Matthew Cockreham Computer Science Design and Implementation of Software of Undergraduate Advising
Patrick Driscoll English Redesigned Fan Assembly for the Polaroid Helios 1417 Imager
Amy Hancock Biology Linear-Crank Mechanism Bicycle
Samantha James Computer Science Redesigned Fan Assembly for the Polaroid Helios 1417 Imager
Shaun Janvier Biology The Right to Privacy and the Supreme Court
Richard Kaufman Mechanical Engineering The Effects of an Antioxidant Synergy Formula on Mouse NeuroBlastoma
John Kekis Physics Directed Study: Biology
Gretchen Mathias Exercise Physiology Program Representation Language for Geographic Information Systems
Heather Melito Political Science 160 GHz Reflectometry of Aluminum Films and Silicon Loaded Epoxy Resin
Brian Merrow Mechanical Engineering Independent Study in Exercise Physiology
Megan Walsh Exercise Physiology Exercise prescription, programming, and assessment of client
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Jessica Bouffard Exercise Physiology The Development, Implementation, and assessment of an exercise, nutrition and flexibility program for a single subject case study
Christine Brooks Accounting Fraud detection enhancement by inclusion of a forensic accountant on an annual audit
Michael Carmody Exercise Physiology A Case Study of the Effects of an Exercise, Flexibility and Nutrition Program
Steven DaSilva Mechanical Engineering The Artic Slipper Project
Christine Daudelin Chemistry Solid State Polymerization and Oligomerization of Phthalonitrile and Derived Compounds
Colleen DeCotret Exercise Physiology Independent Study in Exercise Physiology
Juanita Fischer Information Systems A Dynamic task assignment rule for documents with two time constraints: a simulation study
Ryan Girard Environmental Science A Time Series Analysis of Mean Temperatures
Peter Goulas Criminal Justice 17 Robinson Rd.
Jeffrey Harnisch Finance, Accounting Sports stadium financing using public funds: an analysis of the economic, financial, and political issues involved
Amy Kempton Nursing Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in children
Michelle Montalto Criminal Justice Security Threat Group Management Within Prison Systems: With a Focus on Massachusetts Correction Institute at Concord
Jeremy Parker Electrical Engineering Class-D Public Address Amplifier
Christina Spanos Psychology The Music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: How it increases math scores in children
Julie Troy Exercise Physiology An exercise prescription to improve quality of life: a single subject design
Jason Van Dinter English Voltaire:Between Legend & History
Brian Vigneault Finance, Accounting The Asian financial crisis of 1997 and its effects on the printed circuit board industry
Name Major Title of Thesis/Dissertation
Marianne Blanchet Psychology Theories, Assessment, Research, and Methods of Personality Change
Amy R. Bolton History "A Life of Action": Women in the Civil War
Maria C. Z. Casipe Computer Science ASPET: A Software for Predicting Execution Time
Keith Colbath III Finance Economic Analysis: Can currency board arrangements promote growth in developing countries
Katherine Collins Philosophy Honors Thesis
Jeffrey P. DiFonte Finance, Accounting Cer-Blade
Michael Donahue Finance, Management Designing and implementing a fitness program for an 18 year old female that includes areas of nutrition, aerobic exercise, strength training, flexibility and stress management
Erica Douglas Exercise Physiology Electronic Monitoring: A Study of the federal probation program
Erik Dow Criminal Justice Baseball Velocity & Trajectory Measuring Device
Patrick Drane Mechanical Engineering Feasibility Study of an Electro-Optic Modulator for Improved Transport of Data
Philippe Duvelle Electrical Engineering
David Fallon Philosophy An Exercise Program for Overall Fitness
Lisa Fronc Exercise Physiology Implementation of the DEK Screen Printer ProFlow Head
Abel Girma Mechanical Engineering Implementation of the DEK Screen Printer ProFlow Head
Leah S. Hachey Psychology Coping resources, stress exhaustion symptoms, maternal attachment, and their relationships to each other
Kathleen E. Hildreth Psychology Parenting and Personality
Erica L. Hutchinson Finance, Accounting Marketing Plan for Nature's Garden
Anh Le Chemical Engineering Barrel and Rack Passivation of Stainless Steel using Citric Acid
Barbara Lynn-Bolton Fine Arts Senior Studio III
Mary Marshall Nursing Polio to Postpolio: the fear relived
Alexander Ortiz Biology Microscopic Study of Aeolidia Papillosa (Nudibranchia) Spermatogenesis
Tara H. Richards Nursing Asthma Research
Kelly Russell American Studies Lowell Architecture of the Middle 19th Century
Jennifer Santos Psychology Attitudes Toward Science-Related Careers of Engineering and Non-Engineering Students
Amanda Smith Political Science The Term-Limit Debate: Why Limits would have a negative impact on democracy
Ryan J. Stoddard Exercise Physiology Decreasing body-fat while maintaining lean body mass in a college-age female
Natasha Thorne Biology The Interaction of a Polymer-Based Drug Delivery System with Cells: A Study Using Multiple-Pulse NMR
Lori Weeden Environmental Science Instrumental neutron activation analysis of lavas and petrogenetic models for the lyttelton volcano, new zealand
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
William Bennett Exercise Physiology Resistance training in an elderly population: is it worth their effort?
Michelle Brosca Biology Site-Directed Mutagenesis of Human Hemoglobin [alpha] chains
Michael Brown Computer Science iSCSI: SCSI over TCP/IP
Eddie Chi Wei Chew Computer Science
Michael Clark Exercise Physiology
David Clark Exercise Physiology
Joseph Coughlan Exercise Physiology Independent Study in Exercise Physiology
Shawn Cruz Chemical Engineering Chemical Plant Design: Phenol and Acetone Teknologies
Bernard Curtis History Understanding the Korean War
Sarah Dzerkacz Exercise Physiology Independent Study in Exercise Physiology
Joshua Hawkins Computer Science iSCSI: SCSI over TCP/IP
Gerald Hayes History Plantation Slavery in North American: A Comparative Study of Slavery in New York and Virginia 1619-1769
Stephen Iadarola Chemical Engineering
Kristin Kyper Computer Science The Wired
Jennifer Lee Biology An Ultrastructural Study of Tegument, Muscle Layers, and Excretory Organs of Schistosome mekongi
Jennifer Lilley Exercise Physiology Development of an exercise program for focus on fat loss and low back strength
Lukis Mackie Mechanical Engineering
Colin McCannon Management, Information Systems Exploring the university "one-card" system
James McQuaid Psychology
Tara Plisinski English Writing a Help File for Harmony
Brent Powers Chemical Engineering
Maria Roux English
Jeffrey Simeone Chemical Engineering Chemical Plant Design: Phenol and Acetone Teknologies
Jacque Smith Exercise Physiology Barriers to Exercise in the Greater Lowell Area
Bryan Sutherland History Dereliction of Duty: The Raid on Dieppe, 1942
Eugene Tikh Exercise Physiology The role of resistance exercise training in treatment of patients with chronic/congestive heart failure
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Thuy Huynh Bui Psychology Factors affecting Parent-Child relationships in Vietnamese families
Lisa Chandonnet Political Science A Look at the Organizational Dynamics & Regional Development of: Madre, Inc.
Greg DiSanto Electrical Engineering Active Infrared Elevator Panel
Harmander Gill Biology A Study of the Interactions of Polyethylene Glycol Esters (PEG) with L-[alpha] Dipalmitoyl Phosphatidycholine (DPPC) A Component of the Cell Membrane using NMR Relaxation Techniques
Kathleen Higgins English Teaching College Writing: My experience as a college writing II teaching assistant
Aminata Kane Computer Science
Max Kupchik Electrical Engineering A Voice-Activated Text Reader for a Person with Visual Disabilities
Carmen Lai Exercise Physiology Effect of Strength training on rowing performance of college crew members
Sean Maher History
Amanda Mederios Mathematics The Impact of the Geometer's Sketchpad on High School Students' Understanding of Geometry Topics
Kerri Mitton Biology Isolation and Amplification of Exon 12 of the MSH2 Gene in Canines
Jennifer Motil Biology The Isolation and Amplification of Exon 14 from the Canine MSH2 Gene
Erin O'Leary History Sent South: Southern Blacks at the Massachusetts State Almshouse at Tewksbury, 1860-1872
Tejal Patel Exercise Physiology A case study on training for rowing
Caitlin Pendergast English
Courtney Seavey Psychology Health Attitudes and Behavior: Is Personality a Missing Link?
Debby Sousa Biology Isolation and Amplification of Exon 3 of the MSH2 Gene in Canine
Mariel Tejada English
Yang Tran Chemistry Synthesis of HIV 1-Tat Derived Peptides for Cellular Uptake Studies
Sherly Vasquez Psychology The Structure and style of narratives of Dominican-American Children
Gina Vitro Exercise Physiology Alterations to a workout program
Gregory Von Nessi Physics Prediction of Combustion Waves
Kelly Wawiernia Political Science
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Adam Bilz Liberal Arts The Current Crisis in Corporate America
Matthew Bilz Music Studies Over the Sea and Into the Woods: A Collection of Three Short Stories
Keri Caffrey English Socioeconomic factors of recession on the united states
Kristen Cernuda Exercise Physiology
Pha Chhoeun Chemistry The Airline Industry and its Competitive Environment
Kelly Clerkin Accounting
Jonathan Adam DeSousa Plastics Engineering Design of Automated and Web Accessible, Single Degree of Freedom Mass-Spring-Dampening System
Renee Duci Psychology Simulating Accelerated Degradation of High-Impact Polystyrene Using Continuous Extrusion
Charlotte Dunne Computer Science Performance of Kinetically Welded Plastic Parts Consisting of Two Dissimilar Materials
Sharyn Emery English Bloodletting: The Theories and the Realities from Hippocrates to Harvey
Jessica Farnham Chemistry Jack and Bill
Colette Fozard Political Science 'Hubble-bubble, swarm and chaos': Cinema, Literary Modernism and the Benjamin-Adorno Debate
Jennifer Gentile Criminal Justice Gaining Early Awareness for Students and Future Teachers: A Study Contrasting Teaching and Learning styles
Meghan Haughey English Mobs and Subscription Lists: A glimpse at the world of abolitionist and anti-abolitionist movements during the 1830's and 1840's
Jeffrey Hayes Finance, Accounting Innovators of the 20th Century Guitar: a retrospective
Megan Hayes Biotechnology The history of divorce law in the United Stated with an analysis of the major changes in the late 1960's and how these changes affect the economic status of women
Jeffrey Hodgkins Mechanical Engineering Does special education really serve students' needs?
Nadia Kattan Finance, Marketing Gender, self-efficacy, perceived benefits and barriers as influences on the degree to which college students take responsibility for their health
Rachael Kenney Sociology
Michael Kerver Industrial Management A Black Angel In White: A Thematic Analysis of Bridal Guides
Akhuemose Oteze Electrical Engineering Testing the Validity of Commercially Available Compounds of Inhibitors of Matrix Metalloproteinase Activity
Kannitha Prum Biology Comparison of Gas Production and Acetate Accumulation in Bogs and Fens
Justin Saleski Plastics Engineering Folate Deprivation Impairs Motor Neuron Health: Role of Perturbed Calcium Homeostasis
Megan Christine Silva English Phosphorescence of 9,10-Dichloroanthracene Using A 397nm Near-UV Diode Lasaer
Tara Souleotis History Low Cost Lock-In Amplification for Chemical Applications
Lindsay Tjiattas Biology Honors Project I & II (summary)
Yunieska Trujillo Psychology Employment opportunities for exercise physiologists
Cindy Zacharias Psychology Papanaya & Tamb Sol
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Nneka Anadu Information Systems, Management The Ziegler-Natta Story: Lessons in Intellectual Property Laws for Engineers
Erich Bryant History The Startup Business
Sean Daudelin Computer Science
Gabriella Erdosy Nursing How TV commercials affect children
Alexis Ruth Guay Sociology Motorized Stander Project
Jillian Kenyon English Realism & Masculinity: Nineteenth-Century Ideals of Manhood in American Art and Literature
Lydia Kifle Biotechnology Following The American in Paris
Brian Krejca Physics The Revolution will be digitized: reflections on the nature of digital text, the individual, and the problem of interpretation in a world of contextual uncertainty
Andrea Leczynski Plastics Engineering Constructing Ideology: the formation of philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Sivhour Ly Biology McKinley's and Wilson's Effects on the Development of the United States Foreign Policy
Jonathan Martin English UN Peacekeeping in sub-Saharan Africa: Examining UNAMSIL in Sierra Leone and MONUC in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Renee Michaud Nursing Impression Formation and Children's Drawings
Elizabeth Neary Political Science Body Image in Seventeen Magazine
Nihal Patel Biotechnology A Viral Glycosyltransferase Encoding Gene, a64r, & Spontaneous Mutation Rates in Chorella Viruses
Maya Persaud-Dubey Biology Re-Expression of Vimentin in Differentiated Neuroblastoma Cells Enhances Elongation of Axonal Neurites
Kimberly Reynolds Psychology
Linda Selima Marketing
Amity Siegman Psychology Human Tau Mutant P301L Turnover in Unique In Vivo Model of Neurofibtillary Degenerative Disease
Rebecca Spolarich English A Software Rendition of a Drum Machine Written in Java
BethAnn Szczerbinski Exercise Physiology Hamilton's Variational Principle and its Applications
John Thomas Computer Engineering Mechanical Efficiency in patients with chronic lung disease
Megan Williams History The evolving Role of the Nurse Practitioner: focus on the gerontological
Amoah Yeboah-Korang Biology Critican review of the literature on indoor air quality at the workplace
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Jessica Bielawski Plastics Engineering Load-Deflection Characteristics of Plated Thermoplastics
Aaron Buzawa Criminal Justice Automobile Fraud in Massachusetts: Defining the Problem and How to Respond
Atif Chisti Accounting, Information Systems, Finance
Matthew Cote Environmental Science Factors Contributing to the Highly Variable Snowfall Distrubution in Southern New England During 5-7 December, 2003
Feissal Damaa Computer Science The Effects of Frame Rate Resolution on User Performance in First Person Shooter Games
Christopher DiNitto Mechanical Engineering Design of a Generic, Low-Cost Prosthetic Leg
Rohit Dixit Biology The toxic effect of unionized ammonia on Zebra danio fish and the detoxification efforts by administration and Echinacea purpurea
Eugene Drozdetski Computer Science The Current State and Importance of intellectual Property Law in Russia
Sarah Fischer Chemistry The Scope and Limitations of the Reactions of Thiones with Potassium Hydride
Christopher Graham Mechanical Engineering Design of a Generic, Low-Cost Prosthetic Leg
Andrew Hoell Environmental Science A Case Study of Heavy Precipitation in Southern New England in Early Spring from 31 March to 03 April 2004
Ian Hunt Criminal Justice Computer Analysis of Crime Statistics for Woburn, Massachusetts during the 2003-2004 Year, Using Shaw and McKay's Social Disorganization Theory and Concentric Zone Model
Jason Iovanna Plastics Engineering The Effect of Conversion and Mixing Techniques on the Swell Behavior of a Water-Soluble Mixture
Elizabeth Karsok History For the land, for the people, for the country: the ideology of the union cause
Qing Liu Computer Engineering Voice Prompt Machine with CCD Based LED Barcode Scanner
Robert Moreau Political Science Camp David II and its Aftermath
Thao Nguyen Computer Science Using fidderence networks to compare two subpopulations using gene expression data
Ola-Edo Orjiako Psychology Divorce rates in the United States: The High Rates and how to lowel their incidence
David Parent Management, Information Systems The China Problem
Caleb Parnell-Lampen Physics Lifetime Measurements of Isometric Nuclear States with Asymmetric Radware Cubes
Nicole Renaud Biology Environmental Controls on Anaerobic Metabolism in Northern Wetlands
Kunal Sampat Electrical Engineering Atomic Laser Module Characterization Station
Lindsey Shellbach Psychology Effective methods for improving the social skills of children with autism spectrum disorders
Brendan Styles Criminal Justice The Evolution of Paratroopers
Mary Suttie Liberal Arts Challenges Addressing Affordable Housing: Lawrence, MA
Peter Tavilla Mechanical Engineering Hydrodynamic Power and Efficiency Display for the National Park Services at the Tsongas Industrial History Center
Steven Ward Computer Science Estimating the Largest Singular Value of a Sparse Matrix or Getting the Job Done with Less Work
Bryan Woods Environmental Science A Case Study of a New England Mixed Precipitation Coastal Storm of December 14-15, 2003
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Leah Anciello Management, Finance "The real world from lowell high school to UMass Lowell. You think you know...But you have no idea!
Matthew Belmonte Biotechnology Economic Growtn and Development in Russia
Patrick Bisson Chemistry Electronically Adjustable Workspace
Samuel Bowden Electrical Engineering Adding Voice Recognition to a Camera and Intercom System
Jenifer Byrne Finance The Effects of Additives in Injection Molded Polystyrene Nanofeatures
Karen Cloutier Clinical Lab Science/Nutritional Science The Effects of Additives in Injection Molded Polystyrene Nanofeatures
Leanna Conway Chemistry General Education and First-Year Seminar
Sarah Coughtry Psychology Two Movements
Lindsay Donigian Plastics Engineering Education Reform in Massachusetts
Matthew Farmer Computer Engineering Will Iraq be the Next Lebanon?
Galina Feldman Biology People for Sale: The Role of Corruption as a Trafficking Facilitator
Kristina Hilton Political Science The Characteristics of Nine Schoolyard Killers and their Attachment to their Parents
Diane Konesavanh Nursing Bridging the Cultural Gap:Acculturation, Self-Esteem, and Expressive Arts in Youth
Emily Law Exercise Physiology Examination of a cell-type expression of a gene that confers stress tolerance to plants
Heather Makrez History Fibroblasts isolated from a regenerative mouse strain to exhibit resistance to hyperthermia and oxidative stress induced cell death
Jeffrey Mallett Chemistry Establishing the Use of ING-1 Antibody in the localization of head and neck cancers
Rachel Mendes Biology A new rapid screening method for the anti-carcinogenic activity of a novel set of synthesized Poly (catechins)
Andrea Rossetto Political Science A mechanism for the thermal decarboxylative rearrangement of 1-cyclopropanecarbonxylic acid dimer to 2-cyclopropyl-4,5-Dihydrofuran
Chloe Emma Shuman Political Science The Remediation of lead contaminated soil through the use of turkey bones and spinach plants
Carlos Szembek Environmental Science Direct write nano-photolithography using near field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM)
Shadbeh Taghizadeh Plastics Engineering Determination of Stratiform Cloud Formation and its Effect upon Glacial Ablation at Linnebreen, Svalbard of the Summer of 2005
Pauline Tanzman Music Performance Iron Status among student-athletes
Soumya Vemuri Biology Injury Prevention in Gymnastics
Tiffany White Psychology Correction of iron deficiency among student athletes
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Joshua Auriemma Physics
Gregory Vincent Bertolino Nursing Understanding and Preventing Juvenile Gang Violence
Benjamin Bythewood History Legal and Practical Obstacles to Abortion in the U.S.
Alexandra Caceres Criminal Justice The Experiences of Women in Computer Science: The Importance of Awareness and Communication
Ryan Hill Mathematics
Tammy Hiltz Economics Falling From Grace: Visionary Women and ecclesiasstical change in sixteenth century spain
Anthony Philip Iannazzi Chemical Engineering Body Image and its relationship to eating attitudes, depression, anxiety, and self-discrepancy among college students
Ursula Edel Kane Fine Arts Long distance signal transduction in plants mediated by reactive oxygen supplies
Lauren Luongo Biology Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and GC Analysis of Atropine in Urine
Michelle Marie McCrady Nursing Modeling of Coffee Consumption
Melissa Jolene McCue Mathematics Logic and the LSAT: An Exploration in Mathematical and Legal Reasoning
Julie Nobrega Chemistry 3 dimensional reconstruction of azimuth/elevation terahertz data using reflection tomography
Ryan Casey Noonan Exercise Physiology Honors Project
Mia Parvainen English Complimentary and alternative medicine in pediatric oncology
Chelsea Spindel Nursing The utilization of facebook in alcohol education awareness
Krystal Velazquez-Bergeron Psychology The utilization of facebook in alcohol education awareness
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Vilma Bilbeau Liberal Arts Comparative Analysis of Power pHEMTand E/D pHEMT Amplifier Performance
Michelle Bou-Mitri Biology A Dimensionless Expression of Strain Distribution in Thermoforming
Kristen Bugden Criminal Justice Perceptions of Date Rape: Is Sex an Exchangeable Commodity?
Thomas Buttrick Biotechnology iGod
Leslie Conway Biotechnology A Voice on Women's Education: Christine De Pizan and The Book of the City of Ladies
Alison Dischino Plastics Engineering The Crisis in Darfur: Raising Awareness
Jason Feinberg Political Science Genetically Modified Crops to Improve Human Health
Andrea Lynch Environmental Science The effects of folate and S-adenosyl methionine on axonal neurofilament transport
Lauren Anne Mezynski Nursing The effects of folate and S-adenosyl methionine on axonal neurofilament transport
Jacob Oley English Carbon Dioxide, methane and acetate production at Pine Hole Bog
Victor Lawrence Piper Electrical Engineering Sexually Transmitted Disease Education For Residential, First Year Students at University of Massachusetts Lowell
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Marielle Abou-Mitri Political Science Convergence from Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to International Financial Reporting Standards
Marco Bonett-Matiz Physics Global analysis of Calendar Anomalies
Timothy Donovan English An Exploration of Self Through Nature
Glenn Erickson Psychology Winston Smith, the New Nancy Poets, and Poor Old Orwell: The Historical Formation of 1984 and the New Left
Eric Hultgren English How Supreme is the Supreme Court
Michael Krieger Finance, Accounting Is hypomania associated with excessive levels of hope or interest
Paul Litchfield Finance, Accounting The Tension and the Terror: a novella
Andrew Murrin Psychology Selective Reactions of Enzymes with Phenolic Materials
Son Nguyen Chemistry Gamma Ray Spectroscopy of Heavy Nuclei
Sopheavy Seng Community Health The Roles of the Medical Interpreter in Mental Health
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Jillian Benson Psychology The Office Recording Studio. Where Your Music is Our Business
Amanda Boutrus Biology The Effects of Teams Working with Limited Resources in Higher Education
Danane Chhor Biology Universal Access Guitar
Helen Chim Biology Portable DVD and CD Player
Sarah Ciras History Electronic Orchestra Simulator
Vanessa Colomba Psychology Moral tale to secular entertainment: the changing role of puritanism in shaping white and native american relationships as evidenced through captivity narratives
Jamie Connelly Psychology Shelley & Stevenson: An abstract account of history
Donna Corbin Management Protection of the "Old South" through the romanticized white southern womanhood in William Faulkner's The Sounds and the Fury
William D'Angelo Chemistry Maggie in a world of hopes and dreams
Jennifer Fernandes English The New Lowellians: A Study on Latino and Portuguese Speakers
Meredith Fleming Graphic Design The emergence of literature during the Rosas Years
Allison Geissert Nursing
Russell Hall Political Science The influence of multi-national corporations on the development of the economic, social and political atmosphere in Haiti
David Klisiewicz Finance, Information Systems The American Primary and Caucus System: The Eliminating Power of States that have the Initial Vote in the Primary Elections
Molly Korobkin Psychology Feelings of Self Confidence in Adolescents with Autism Specturm Disorders: The Role of Music Intervention Programs
Zachary Laplante Liberal Arts College Experiences and Adjustment among UMass Lowell Foster Care Alumnae
Anne Laraia Environmental Science Trauma history, attribution style, and adjustment to college
Jaye McLaren Psychology Narrative Study of Best and Worst Experiences in Sport
Maria Millet History
Nicholas Monroe English Allergies and the Immune System
Eric Murray Computer Engineering Murine Model of Allergic Conjunctivitis
Danielle O'Shea Nursing Stabilization of Nerve Cells: The Role of Motor Protein Dynein
Jenna Reed American Studies Construction and Use of a Low Cost Apparatus for the Study of Catalyzed Reaction Kinetics in the Undergraduate Laboratory
Kevin Rosario Electrical Engineering An Ab Initio Study on the Properties and Reactivity of ZnO Quantum Dots
Brian Wei Soper Computer Engineering Total Internal Partition Functions for the HITRAN2008
Richard Vo Chemistry An examination of stairwell appearance and its effectiveness on stair use on a college campus
Scott Walfield History Evaluation of the H1N1 Flu Vaccination Program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Courtney Andersen Biology Targeting cancer through TRAIL-mediated theraputics
Andrew Balchunas Physics Electroabsorption of Semiconducting Polymers
Andrew Baranauskas Criminal Justice Badges vs. Masks: Portrayals of Formal and Informal Crime Control in Graphic Novels
Maor Baruch Chemistry Quenching of Colloidal Oxide Nanoparticle growth
Josiah Bote Biology Cardiovascular Disease Disparities in the African-American Community compared to non-hispanic white americans in the united states
Evan Chan-Aldebol Sociology Removing humans from the identity: pure collective identities in the examination of social movements
Bryan Crompton Mathematics An Introduction to fractional calculus and the fractional diffusion-wave equation
Alex DeFronzo Criminal Justice Learning in Common: a neo-marxist examination of academic libraries in the 21st century
Liam Driscoll Plastics Engineering
Timothy Edson Criminal Justice Concerning unwarranted data mining and unrestricted information sharing: the legal ramifications and consequences of the surveillance state
Robert Fines History
Raymond Grinnell Liberal Arts The Mole that Roared, or, E.M. Forster: Of Moles and Men
Thomas Harrington Physics Digital Signal Processing: Neutron gamma ray discrimination
Angela Hu Plastics Engineering
Kate Johnston Exercise Physiology Feasibility of using nintendo wii gaming to encourage exercise in older adults: recommendations for implementation and report of average heart rates for selected wii sports and wii fit activities
Heather LaCount Political Science Japanese Discrimination during World War II
Randy Lai Clinical Lab Sciences Heavy Metal Toxicity Review: From Historical Risks and New Potential Threats
Tinuviel Lathrop Political Science Analyzing Global Effects of Anti Americanism
Emily Legere Mathematics Actuarial Exam P and the Use of Excel
Kimberly Lucia Accounting An Analysis of the Potential Financial Benefits of the Corporate Social Responsibility Accounting
Charles Mahdy Philosophy
Caryn McCowan Biology Evolutionary analysis of the venom-specific peptide latrodectin in widow spiders and their relatives using venom gland transcriptome analysis
Ryan McGovern Electrical Engineering The use of infrared sensors in the design of an assistive technology device
Bianca Melo Biology A Qualitative Study of University Residents' Perceptions of Food Options in Dining Halls
Patrick O'Connell Entrepreneurship, Management ZipBike: A better way to travel
Michael Reid Management, Finance The Effect of Proposed Regulations on For-Profit Institutions' Market Value
Rachel Rock Plastics Engineering Decrasging Frictional Forces between PC and ABS in a medical injection molding application
Allison Rumore Biology A Mouse Model of Dry Eye Syndrome for Efficient Testing of Novel Theraputics to Treat a Frequent Ocular Affliction in Humans
Kimberly Scarfo History The Battle of Thermoplae: The Mythology of the 300 Spartans and the Reality
Theodore Serozynsky Criminal Justice Military Veterans Among Domestic Terror Suspects 1996-2005
Gabriel Sikarov Electrical Engineering SpeechSense Final Report
Kristina Smith English Cultural Values and Star Power: Adapting Louisa May Alcott's Little Women for the Big Screen
Melissa Squibb Biology
Nicholas Tamvaklis Accounting, Finance Fair Value Accounting: The tradeoff between investor transparency and potential management manipulation of unobservable inputs
Emily Trudeau Exercise Physiology
Lucy Wafo Biology
Amber Zapatka Plastics Engineering Decreasing the frictional force between pc and abs in a medical injection molding application
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Matthew Campelli Computer Engineering Using Smartphone Technology to Bring Intelligent Text-to-Speech to the Nonverbal Disabled Community
Molly Caslin Psychology Geographic Location and Identity
Brendan DeCourcy Mathematics Mathematical Analysis of the alpha-effect in Geo-Dynamo Theory
Jared DeFoe Mechanical Engineering Development of a Particle Tracking Velocimetry System Which Facilitates Undergraduate Experiential Learning
Elizabeth Farmosa Sound Recording Technology The development of piano sonatas over time
Anthony Fill Mechanical Engineering Antennae Motorization and New Range Redesign for the Ultra-High frequency compact radar range at the submillimeter-wave technology laboratory, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Maryann Ford Environmental Health Generativity and the Family Environment
Phillip Frangules Liberal Arts The Vampire in Folklore, Literature and Film
Ianna Hondros-McCarthy Psychology Same Same, but Different: A collegiate Memoir
Asma Hussin Political Science A Comparative Study of Women in the United States and Egypt
John McCormack Electrical Engineering Wireless Scoreboard for Use by children with Disabilities at Shore Collaborative
Daniela Nedbalek Liberal Arts Vercingetorix as the Seminal French National Hero
Shauna Power Psychology Eating Disorders and Identity
Bonie Rosario Computer Engineering Five Senses Sensory Lounge
Marc Ruch Chemical Engineering MCNPX-PoliMi as a Tool for Analyzing Capture Gated Neutron Detectors
April Sandland Biology Mouse Models of Novel Drug Treatments for Dry Eye Syndrome and Allergic Conjunctivitis Pilot Studies II. Ex vivo cultured mouse bone marrow identifies differentially expressed nuclear proteins during myeloid cell maturation
Peter Steere Philosophy Educational Acquisition
Jonathan Zlotnik History Actors at the End of a Bad Play
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Ashley Anthony English Psycho-Aesthetico-geography: Joyce as a Posthumanist Cartographer
Katriina Bibbo Nursing Perinatal Bereavement: Nurses sharing their experiences
Alixandra Boucher Psychology Listen Up!
Janelle Bourgeois History "The union is the place of combat; the cooperative must be a financial and moral support:" Franco-Belgian Immigrants in the Textile Industry 1900-1912
Thomas Cahill Sound Recording Technology Durgin Hall 113 and 114: An Acoustic Analysis
Katherine Cain Mechanical Engineering Low Cost Linaged Prosthetic Hand
Kathleen Campbell Exercise Physiology Perceived Associations Between Hormonal changes and reward-seeking behaviors in women
Robyn Ciriello Exercise Physiology Perceived Associations menopause and mood changes in post-menopausal women
Sean Cronin Computer Science Predict bus arrival times using random forests
Daniel Dacey Clinical Lab Sciences Killing power of cleaning agents on MS2 bacteriophage, a Viral Surrogate
John Fallon Computer Science Collaboration in Weave
Rujuta Gadgil Biotechnology Molecular Evidence of Inhibitory Cysteine Knot Toxins in Black Widow Spider Venom
Jillian Giles Physics Application of Terahertz Reflection Ellipsometry to Layered Dielectric Materials
Evana Gizzi Mathematics Infusing Computer Science into Middle School Math and Science Classrooms: A Pilot Study
Megan Hadley English "But first they must catch you"
Timothy Hansen Philosophy The Occupation Movements: an analysis of the ideology of neoliberalism and neoconservative myths
Mary-Kathryn Hazel History "Our Watchword is 'Onward and Upward to the Prize:'" The political activism of african american female freedom narrative authors, Civil War-1910
Jacqueline Hughes Criminal Justice Rehabilitative Treatments Reduce Recidivism in High Risk Juvenile Offenders
Olivia Keane Mechanical Engineering Low Cost Linkaged Prosthetic Hand
Rebecca Krieger Exercise Physiology An online social networking intervention to promote physical activity in ethically diverse populations
Cassandra Lowney Music Studies Teaching Mathematics through musical concepts
Stephanie Lyon Graphic Design
Robert Martin Physics Transmission properties of infrared electromagnetic waves through ultra thin slits consisting of epsilon-near-zero material
Stephanie McGrath English The Princess Fantasy: a critique of three popular fairy tales and their disney adaptations
Heather Merhi Biology Future Climate: Enabling Climate Change Learning through an Intergenerational Roleplaying Simulation Game
Ryan O'Keeffe History A Critical History of Counterinsurgency Warfare
Caitlin Pinkham History Seeking security and hope in Mill City: How Lowell experienced the first few years of the Great Depression
Amanda Ray Music Studies Communicating Across Cultures: Teaching with Music to Students of Other Languages
Shalini Shah Biology Overcoming Cultural Differences in Healthcare
Erin Webster Computer Engineering Time Out with relaxing lights and music
Owen Welsh Mathematics Two results concerning Venn Diagrams: a test for reducibility and the impossibility of two-sided chambers in simple venn diagram of three or more curves
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Tyler Almquist Criminal Justice Influencers of Crime
Brittany Andersen English The role of a woman: reversing gender binaries in Jane Campion's "Bright Star"
Seda Babroudi Biotechnology Role of A- and C-type Lamins in the Morphologic and Functional Maturation of Mouse Neutrophils
Melissa Campbell English Cash is God: Johnny Cash and American Heavy Metal
Jonathan Campelli Mechanical Engineering
Courtney Clark Psychology Perceptions of Students, Faculty, and Staff Regarding Physical Accessibility on a University Campus
Daniel Cook Marketing, Finance 3D Printing Business Plan
Alexander Cronis English Burt's Crossing
Alexandra Derderian Art Buffering...: The Art of an Honors Project
Sean Gibson Mechanical Engineering Low Cost Linkaged Prosthetic Hand
Christopher Horne Economics Urban Agriculture and Education: College Students Attitude
April Hunt Psychology Technology use and its Relationship to Impatience, Mood, Delayed Gratification
Emily Jarmolowicz History Urban Transformation in Medieval Iberia: 750-1250
Kyle Luke Criminal Justice
Peter Mack Computer Engineering Development and Implication of a Proposed Telemedicine System for Rural India
Brianna Manalo Music Studies Por la Noche: An Original Choral Composition
James McDermott Civil Engineering Lowell: The Engineering City
Kaela McLaughlin Exercise Physiology Exercise Intensity Levels of Popular Fitness Apps
Tyler Ouellet Economics Turbulence in the Labor Marker: Data and theory
Rachel Paquette Biology Education and Implementation of the BioBubbler in Haiti
Eric Peary Accounting, Finance
Brendan Reilly Computer Science A Scratch Laptop Orchestra
Andrew Sanginario Biotechnology Characterization of the E2+ and the E2- tan isoforms in Alzheimer's disease brain tissue
Connor Sullivan Civil Engineering A Disposable Volammetric Sensor for the Detection of Lead in Water
Divya Sundararaman Biotechnology Effects of Metformin and Abraxane on Breast Cancer Cells at Varying Glycemic Levels
Katerina Thanopoulos Psychology The Effects of Experimentally Establishing Meaningful Stimuli on Equivalence-Class Outcomes
Elizabeth Samantha White Nursing Healthy Eating for a Healthier Future of Children in Nashua, New Hampshire
Name Major Title of Thesis/Project
Jeanna Aggouras Nursing Healthy Children of Nashua, New Hampshire Community Outreach
Vanessa Aukshunas Management, Marketing Budget Buddies Marketing Plan
Jessica Burgett Psychology Child Care Policies in the United States and Scandinavian Countries
Meghan Burke Biology An Anatomical and Histological Atlas of Alloteuthis Morphology
Andrea Byrne Economics Implications of Dodd-Frank for Financial Institutions
Kayla Coluci Finance, Accounting MSB High Achieving Woman's Recruitment Initiative
Shelby Creamer Nursing Childhood Nutrition Education in Methuen, Massachusetts
Cristi Diaz-Contreras Exercise Physiology Effects of 7 minute workout on VO2max and Body Composition during a 6-week Intervention
Melanie Doucet Psychology Aversive Childhood Events and College Experiences
Kellie Fokin Exercise Physiology Maximal Oxygen Consumption and Repeated Sprint Ability in NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Players
Edward Fratto Jr Chemical Engineering Synthesis of Novel Solder Nanoparticles and their Application for Copper-Copper Joining
Richard Giadone Biotechnology Studying the Effects of Aberrant Sun2 Expression on the Development and Function of Mouse Neutrophils
Julieth Giraldo Psychology The Effects of Practice Test Format on Memory for Concepts
Yoarmerby Gomez Criminal Justice
Sarah Gulcius-LaGoy Biotechnology Effects of an Enriched, Social Environment on Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury
Samantha Guzzi Nursing
Tyler Harrison Chemistry Toward New Solid State Organic Reactions
Emily Houle Nursing Exercise in Methuen, Massachusetts
Melissa Keissling English Teaching Theatre: A Curriculum Designed in the Field
Maureen Kelly Civil Engineering Justification for the Recognition of Haitian Voodoo as a Legitimate Religion
Dean Kennedy Mechanical Engineering
Jacob Kinsman Computer Science Symbolic Regression via Pareto Genetic Programming
Madeline Koufogazos English My Collaboration with the Lowell Green Restaurant Program
Deepti Kumar Finance, Management Technology in the French Classroom
Meghan Lulsdorf Chemistry Involve Me and I Learn
Taylor Matte Biotechnology First Year Biology: Development and Assessment of a Freshman Seminar and Analysis of Student Confidence
Kaci McLaughlin Political Science Aicardi Syndrome: Review and Case Report
Michelle Nellson Psychology Simple and Complex Samples to Teach Conditional Discriminations and Category Responses
Lauren Nelson Biology Multielectrode Arrays and their Use in Neurotoxicity Research
Brittany Palaski Clinical Lab Sciences Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Examination of the Potential for Earlier Diagnosis
Patrick Raynor Management, Finance Why Law School Should be on the Table for MSB Undergrads
Thomas Reimonn Chemical Engineering Genome-Scale Dynamic Flux Balance Analysis of Hybridoma Cell Cultures
Kelly Rusch Environmental Health Summary and Evaluation of the Food Diversion Program at UMass Lowell
Saead Saboury Finance The Game Plan
Olivia Stanislas Studio Art
Bridget Sullivan English Herbert Read and William Wordsworth: An Analysis and Comparison of "The Happy Warrior" and "The Character of the Happy Warrior"
Justin Tometich Biotechnology Beta-Testing of the MinION: A Miniaturized DNA Sequencing Device for Characterizing Black Widow Spider Venom Genes
Kayleigh Turgeon Modern Languages The Journey of a Poem: From Creation to Publication
Jun Wang Mathematics Your Child, Your Computer, and You
Michael Wilkinson Sociology A Study of the Federal Government Theory with Practical Experience at the Department of the Interior, Office of Surface Mine Reclamation and Enforcement: A Portfolio of Work Completed at the Washington Center
Zachary Zweibel Music Studies Why Music Matters: The Importance of Music Education in Public Schools
Nicholas Zylkuski Psychology School Discipline and Student Disability Status