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Applied Biomedical Sciences BS Degree, Clinical Science Option

Nearly 100 Percent of Graduates are Successfully Employed

Advance Biomedical Science Research and Technology

Students who graduate with the CS Option will play a role in advancing biomedical science research and technology. They are highly competitive and exceptionally prepared for employment in industry, academia and government in fields associated with diagnostics and biomedical research.

Nearly 100% percent of program graduates are successfully employed in the biomedical device, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in positions such as:

  • R & D scientists
  • Clinical research associates
  • Technical field representatives
  • Regulatory affairs personnel
  • Sales Representatives
  • Quality Control Personnel 

Graduates are also employed in research laboratories at various universities and medical schools. All of these opportunities are available locally and regionally.

Learn through Classroom Instruction and Research Laboratory Experiences

As a student in the CS Option, you'll learn from advanced coursework and hands-on laboratory experiences under expert faculty supervision. A variety of available research experiences ensure that classroom information is reinforced with real-world applications. 

Preparation for Advanced Degrees

Many graduates of this program have gone on to graduate school and received Masters or Ph.D.s in various science disciplines such as Microbiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Occupational Health. Graduates have also gone to medical school and to other medically advanced degrees (e.g., veterinary, dental, and physician assistant).  

Degree Requirements, Admissions and Course Information

View the Applied Biomedical Sciences degree program page to learn about degree requirements and admissions for the Clinical Science Option and the Medical Laboratory Science option.