Work Environment

Earn your Professional Certificate

What it takes to earn your Professional Certificate of Work Environment

  • Prerequisite of a Bachelor of Science degree in a related field
  • Satisfactory completion of 4 courses in one of the following areas of concentration
Graduate certificates are sets of four graduate courses (3 credits each), which provide a student with the background for entry into a specific field or job market. They are usually taken part-time over one to two years, and often open up new career options for the student. They allow a mid-career professional to improve their resume by deepening their knowledge about a specific area of professional practice, or enable them to shift into a new field. All courses in the graduate certificates are applicable to the master’s degree in Work Environment, and so many students who complete a certificate continue on to the master’s degree; completing the 12 credits for the certificate means they are one third of the way to a master’s degree. You may view a summary of our graduate certificates or visit the Online Graduate Catalog for a detailed description and course requirements. 

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