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Michael Ellenbecker

IMAGE OF Michael Ellenbecker
Michael J. Ellenbecker, Sc.D. Professor Emeritus
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    Wannalancit Building, Suite 500
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Educational Background

B.EE., Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota, 1967

M.Sc., Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, 1969

M.Sc., Environmental Health Sciences, Harvard School of Public Health, 1976

Sc.D., Environmental Health Sciences, Harvard School of Public Health, 1979


Professor Michael Ellenbecker has been associated with the Toxics Use Reduction Institute since its inception, first as Deputy Director and now as Director. In this role, he facilitates interdisciplinary research toward the goal of reducing the use of toxic chemicals by industry. The Institute has funded research projects in all of the engineering departments at UMass Lowell, including projects performed by the co-PIs on this proposal. In addition, the Institute has worked with scientists and engineers located at institutions throughout the United States and in many other countries to further the goal of reducing the use of toxic chemicals. In recognition of the innovative work performed by the Institute and its partner agencies, the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Program was selected as one of the top ten Innovations in American Government by the Ford Foundation, Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and the Council for Excellence in Government in 1999.

In the field of industrial hygiene, Michael has been one of the leading advocates of adapting the process change techniques developed through toxics use reduction/pollution prevention to the control of worker exposure.