Gerry Dybel
Gerard J. Dybel, P.T., Sc.D., G.C.S. Associate Professor

Research Interest

Research Interests: Ergonomics Issues, Analysis of ergonomic exposures of home health care aides, Kinetic and kinematic analysis of physical stressors associated with patient transfer/handling activities, Affect of a training intervention using biofeedback and video feedback on the lifting postures of nurses during patient handling tasks, Affect of individualized worker training program on the magnitude of physical stressors experienced by packaging workers in a bottling plant, Sports Training/Injury Prevention, Evaluation of the musculoskeletal characteristics of pre-adolescent and adolescent female basketball players, Kinetic and kinematic analysis of jumping skills of pre-adolescent and adolescent female basketball players, Evaluation of the effectiveness of jump training on the occurrence of anterior cruciate ligament injuries in pre-adolescent and adolescent female basketball players, Urinary Incontinence, Retrospective analysis of the effectiveness of different methods of incontinence training interventions.

Teaching Responsibilities: Entry-level Doctor of Physical Therapy Program; Physical Therapy Procedures II, Physical Therapy Procedures III, Business Management Skills, Healthcare Issues.

Educational Background

1976 Indiana University, Bachelor of Science Health Education.
1981 The University of Toledo Master of Education Kinesiotherapy.
1986 U.S. Army-Baylor University Program in Physical Therapy Master of Physical Therapy.
1995 University of Massachusetts Lowell Master of Science in Ergonomics.
2000 University of Massachusetts Lowell Doctor of Science in Work Environment Specializing in Ergonomics and Epidemiology


Dr. Dybel has been teaching in the entry-level Physical Therapy and undergraduate Exercise Physiology programs at the University of Massachusetts Lowell since 1992.  He is also a practicing clinician with nineteen years of experience.  He has worked in the areas of home care, orthopedics, neurological rehabilitation, burn care, and geriatrics. 

Dr. Dybel completed a doctorate in Ergonomics at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.  The topic of his research was Ergonomic Exposures in Home Health Care.  Dr. Dybel has earned two advanced master’s degrees: one in Ergonomics and the other in Exercise Science.  Additionally, he has taken many continuing education courses in the areas of acute care, orthopedics/manual therapy, healthcare management, burn care, ergonomics and management of the neurologically involved patient.

Dr. Dybel serves as the coordinator of the Physical Therapy Department’s motion analysis lab.  The lab includes the Motion Monitor, a device using electromagnetic sensors to capture real-time motion, a Bertec forceplate, a Delsys 8 channel electromyography system, an F-scan mobile foot pressure sensing system, a multi-station pulley system, and various motion analysis software programs.

Dr. Dybel is the author of four peer-reviewed publications over the last seven years.  He has extensive experience with educational technology, taking several seminars and courses.  He has developed his own websites at the University that enable students to communicate with each other as well as him.  Additionally, he has developed class presentations/lectures that utilize various types of technology to include the web and computer generated classroom presentations.  He is active in the university community, serving as an advisor to the Physical Therapy Club with a platform to increase the participation of physical therapy students in community and professional activities.