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Lori Keough

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Lori A. KeoughClinical Assistant Professor
  • CollegeZuckerberg College of Health Sciences
  • DepartmentSusan and Alan Solomont School of Nursing

Research Interests

high risk populations, socio-economic and racial health disparities, secondary data analysis, advanced practice nursing professional issues and nursing education 


  • Fantasia, H.C., Keough, L.A. (2017) "Pharmacologic Treatment of Opioid Addiction During Pregnancy," Nursing for Women's Health pp. 35-43
  • Keough, L.A. (2015) "Caregivers of Underserved Minority Populations: Views and Opinions of the Role of Schools in BMI Screening, Education and Communication," Journal of Health Disparities Research & Practice 8:3 pp. 85-99
  • Keough, L.A., Arciero, S., Connolly, M. (2015) "Informing Innovative Models of Nurse Practitioner Education: A Formative Qualitative Study," Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 5:5 pp. p88
  • Keough, L.A., Beckman, D., Sinclair, T., Young, S., Baichoo, S., Cobb, M. (2015) "Weight Patterns of Youth Entering an Urban Juvenile Justice Facility," Journal of Correctional Health Care 21:1 pp. 45-52
  • Keough, L.A. (2014) "Influenza Vaccine: A Moral, Legal and Ethical Mandate," Journal of Nursing Regulation 4:4 pp. 36-39
  • Keough, L.A., Sinclair, T., Beckman, D., Cobb, M., Young, S., Baichoo, S. (2014) "Obesity Rates and Psychotropic Medication Use: Differences Between a Juvenile Detained and Committed Populations in an Urban Setting," Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice 14:3 pp. 213-220
  • Keough, L.A. (2014) "Obesity and Insurance Status among Students in a Job Corps Vocational Education and Training Programme," Education & Health 32:2 pp. 48
  • Keough, L.A. (2013) "Failure to Become Immunized when Caring for Patients: An Ethical and Professional Obligation," Journal of the Rhode Island Medical Society 96:11 pp. 19-21
  • Keough, L.A., Blier, R., McDonald, J. (2013) "Transitions of Care: Professional Expectations," Journal of the Rhode Island Medical Society 96:11 pp. 26-32
  • Keough, L.A., Sullivan-Bolyai, S., Crawford, S., Schilling, L., Dixon, J. (2011) "Self-management of Type 1 Diabetes Across Adolescence," Diabetes Educator 37:4 pp. 486-500

Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • The NP "Attending"and NP Education Unit: Two Models to Increase Faculty and Prece (2014), -
    Keough, L.A. (Co-Principal)