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Ph.D. in Nursing

Degree Requirements

The program requires a total of 48 credits beyond the master's degree.  Students may be full or part time but in order to maintain a cohort program, part time students are expected to enroll in a minimum of two courses per semester until course work is completed.

Students must pass the Nursing Qualifying Examination which consists of two written publishable papers on approved topics related to theory and methods at the completion of all nursing core courses before enrolling in dissertation credits. View the Degree Pathway (pdf) for the list of requirements and the full and part time course program of study.

The dissertation requirement is designed to demonstrate that the student has:

  • acquired a substantial body of knowledge related to the selected field of study,
  • conducted an original research study,
  • developed the ability to use appropriate research methods, and
  • contributed to the advancement of nursing knowledge related to health promotion.