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LTC Dedication Unit

Project Title: UMass Lowell-D’Youville Transitional Care-Dedicated Education Unit Partnership – Enhancing Faculty, Student, and Staff Education and Opportunities in Long Term Care

Project Summary: The TCDEU (Transitional Care Dedicated Education Unit) project is funded by the Massachusetts State Department of Higher Education, 2011-2012. The overall objective of the TC-DEU is to improve the education of nursing students, nursing staff, and faculty in gerontological nursing and highlight nursing care for older adults transitioning from acute care settings as a practice opportunity.  

This objective is being accomplished through a university-community partnership model approach to develop a Transitional Care-Dedicated Education Unit (TC-DEU). The project activities include: 

  1. Development of preceptor training curricula related to the treatment of physical and mental health problems in older adults which will be disseminated to other universities and long term care facilities via a state-wide website
  2. Conduct joint training sessions for faculty and staff
  3. Implement student summer internships to foster long-term care as a primary career option for new BSN graduates
  4. Develop clinical placements for junior nursing students during the fall and spring semesters

Development and testing of the TC-DEU is anticipated to impact the education of faculty, students, and staff which will ultimately improve the quality of care of older adults throughout Massachusetts.  The final product will be sustainable and replicable model of nursing education that integrates long-term care into nursing education and promotes long-term care as a primary career option for nursing students.


Karen Devereaux Melillo, Ph.D., ANP-C, FAANP, FGSA  - University of Massachusetts Lowell

Lisa Abdallah, Ph.D., RN, CNE- University of Massachusetts Lowell

Lea Dodge, DNP, MS, RN- University of Massachusetts Lowell

Jacqueline Dowling, Ph.D., RN, CNE- University of Massachusetts Lowell

Stephanie R. Lane, MSW , Project Administrator  - University of Massachusetts Lowell

Naomi Prendergast, CEO/President of D’Youville Life and Wellness Community 

Cynthia Thornton, Director, CAT - D’Youville Transitional Care Unit

Andrea Rathbone, Administrator  -D’Youville Transitional Care Unit

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