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Bring Diversity to Nursing

Bring Diversity to Nursing

The Bring Diversity to Nursing Project is funded by the U.S. DHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Bureau of Health Professions, Division of Nursing and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. 

The mission of the BDN project is to

  • promote awareness of nursing as a career choice to middle school and high school students.
  • increase the number of minority and disadvantaged students who choose nursing as a career.
  • enhance the academic abilities and preparation of students in Lawrence and Lowell, MA, area for the purpose of increasing their competitiveness for entry into the University of Massachusetts Lowell Nursing program.
  • ensure future graduation for the University of Massachusetts Lowell Nursing program and successful completion NCLEX-RN licensure pass rate.

Read about the BDN Endowment Fund. 

Meet Our Students

  • Wendy Sanchez

    Originally planning to become a doctor, when Wendy Sanchez received the Tsongas Scholarship to UMass Lowell as a high school senior, she decided to pursue nursing instead. The high achiever who turned hardship into success has no regrets.

  • Erneston Maurissaint

    Even though Erneston Maurissaint '16 passed the state’s nursing board exam on his first try, his road to success was not an easy one.

  • Isaura Jimenez

    Three bus rides, a different language and a challenging curriculum were not roadblocks for Isaura Jimenez on her path to a nursing degree. She saw them as challenges to be met.