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Nursing Eta Omega Officers


  • President
    Sandra Mote
  • Vice-President/Programs Co-Chairs
    Patricia Moysenko 
  • Past President
    Peggy Knight
  • Secretaries
    Sara Pietila and Lisa Carrabino
  • Treasurer/Finance
    Yuan Zhang
  • President-Elect
    Margaret Laccetti
  • Awards and Leadership Succession
    Peggy Knight, Sara Pietila and Lisa Carrabino
  • Undergraduate Faculty Counselor and Governance Committee 
    Laurie Soroken
  • Communications and Historical
    Co-chairs Valerie King, Alexis Casimir
  • 2015-2016 Leadership Intern
    Alexis Casimir
  • Graduate Faculty Counselor & Governance
    Patricia McCulloch
  • Research Chair
    Carol Pearce