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Eta Omega Honors Society

Research Grant: Proposal Guidelines

Eta Omega Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International

Application for Research Grant

Proposal Guidelines

The length of this research proposal is limited to 5 typed double spaced pages and must be in APA format. The page limit excludes the list of references and appendix that includes time frame, budget, and copy of research tools. Proposals that exceed this limit, or are incomplete, will not be considered. Submit: one copy each of the application form and Curriculum Vita, and 6 copies of your proposal and appendix; do not include your name on the title page or pages of the proposal. In your proposal include the fol-lowing (if one or more of these areas does not apply, indicate why in your proposal):

  • Title of Research Proposal
  • Abstract
  • Purpose and background of the Research Study
  • Literature Review; Theoretical or Conceptual Framework
  • Significance of the Study to Nursing
  • Research Questions or Hypotheses
  • Research Design
  • Procedure for sample selection, projected sample size, protection of human subjects rights,IRB approval
  • Description of Setting and Data Collection Procedures
  • Measurement of Research Variables: name of tools to be used, existing estimates of reliability and validity or trustworthiness, or plan for establishing; scoring procedures
  • Plan for data analysis
  • List of References (include only those cited in the proposal, not entire bibliography)


  • Proposed Time Frame for the study
  • Budget with justification for expenses
  • Copy of research tools and/or interview/focus group questions
Submit one copy each of the completed application form, Curriculum Vita, evidence of current member-ship in Eta Omega Chapter, letter of support from collaborative agencies (if applicable), IRB approval status with documentation, and 6 copies of research proposal and appendix by April 30 to:

Carole Pearce WHNP-BC, PhD, Chair, Research Committee
Eta Omega Chapter, STTI
c/o Dr. Jacqueline Dowling
Department of Nursing
University of Massachusetts Lowell
3 Solomont Way, Suite 2
Lowell, MA 01854-5126