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Application for the Past President's Award


Please type or print:
Name: _____________________________________
Address: ___________________________________
Telephone (Day) ___________________________
E-mail address: _____________________________
Eligibility: Eta Omega Member # _________
Cumulative grade point average: ________
On a separate sheet(s) briefly describe each of the following:
Your involvement in professional nursing organization and/ or community services
A situation that validates your excellence in a nursing practicum or practice
Awards/recognition that you have received for leadership abilities or briefly describe an area or situation in which you demonstrated leadership ability and research relative to your level of education

Baccalaureate Student: An example of your use of research findings in nursing 
Master’s Student: An example of your participation in the conduct of research 
Doctoral Student: An example of your exemplary skill conceptualizing and conducting research in health promotion. (e.g. Submit a copy of your soon to be published or published manuscript.)

Awards will be announced at the Katherine Fox lecture in May. Please submit your materials to Celeste Tremblay, UMass Lowell Faculty. 

E-mail any questions to President Margaret Knight, Ph.D., PMHCNS BC,