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Bring Diversity to Nursing

Project Initiatives

The Bring Diversity to Nursing (BDN) Program initiative recruits, retains and graduates high-quality minority and/or economically disadvantaged nursing students in the Lowell, and Lawrence, Massachusetts, communities. The BDN program initiative provides access for minority and/or disadvantaged students into the nursing profession through pre-entry and recruitment efforts that reach out to local middle and high schools; rigorous retention efforts that provide a tailored educational experience and well coordinated mentoring system; and financial supports that helps qualified BDN students to become professional nurses.

Middle School Recruitment Initiative
Middle school students in the Lawrence, and Lowell, Mass., communities are assessed about their awareness and interests in nursing as a career. The BDN program also meets monthly at "Young Nurse of the Future" Clubs in the middle schools to introduce nursing as a career for minority and disadvantaged middle school students and showcases role models of minority nurses.

High School Recruitment Initiative
To enhance the academic abilities and preparation of high school students for entry into the UMass Lowell Nursing Program, the BDN Program developed "Nurse of the Future," an after-school monthly program running collaboratively with the Lawrence High School, the Lawrence YMCA Teen Achievers, Lowell High School, and Greater Lowell Technical High School.

Retention Initiative
The BDN Retention Initiative supports the personal, academic, and cultural needs of minority and disadvantaged nursing students and enables their successful progression, graduation and passing of the NCLEX-RN exam for the purpose of joining the workforce as a Registered Nurse (RN).