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Learn About Careers In Nursing

Welcome High School Students!

Join the Nurse of the Future Club! Learn more (pdf) about the club! 

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What can I do in high school to prepare myself for a nursing curriculum in college? 

To prepare for nursing school, it is recommended you take as many of the following courses (in addition to your high school requirements) as possible:

  • Chemistry
  • i
  • Biology
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II

There are many different specialties and roles within Nursing. A few example are shown below. Click on the following links to learn more about each:

How to Become a Nurse

Critical Care

Hospital (Non-ICU) Care

Non Bedside Nursing

Try the Johnson & Johnson Quiz to find out what kind of Nurse you might like to become: Quiz

Patients Perspective

Nursing as a Career

Nursing as a career is very rewarding - and not limited to one area. Thousands of medical personnel travel around the world each month on mission trips and to hospitals, helping and sharing their knowledge. Click on the following links to learn about the impact and opportunities offered around the world.

Being a Registered Nurse offers countless opportunities. Read Rebecca's Blog to get an inside look on what it's like working on the Africa Mercy. 

The following site offers an inside look into pursuing a nursing career: Ana Pursues Her Dreams.

The University of Massachusetts Lowell's Bring Diversity to Nursing program accepts applications from current students. It offers resources to nursing students to guide them through the nursing program. Watch this video to the learn more. 

Still unsure if nursing is right for you? Listen to these recent Bring Diversity and Leadership to Nursing graduates while they reflect on their path through the nursing program.

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