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Kellee Cardaleen

Kellee Cardaleen is a Visiting Instructor in the Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences Department at UMass Lowell.
Kellee CardaleenVisiting Instructor
  • CollegeZuckerberg College of Health Sciences
  • DepartmentSusan and Alan Solomont School of Nursing


Kellee Cardaleen is an ASCP Registered Medical Technologist with experience in many areas of the clinical laboratory. She has been teaching Physiological Chemistry Laboratory at UMass Lowell for 10 years. She recently taught a General Chemistry lecture and laboratory course at Middlesex Community College. She has also been involved in the Medical Laboratory Technician program at Middlesex Community College as an instructor in clinical chemistry and immunohematology. She has worked at Lahey Clinic, Instrumentation Laboratories, Lowell General Hospital and Mayo Medical Laboratory. At Mayo Medical Laboratory, she was responsible for training and maintaining competency of the Serology/Infectious Disease department in the area of immunofluorescent assays. She earned a BS in Clinical Lab Sciences from the University of Lowell in 1990.