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Department Chair
Garry Handelman, Ph.D.
Office: Weed Hall 302
Phone: 978-934-4503

Undergraduate Medical Laboratory Science Program Director
Kristin Palladino
Office: Weed Hall 218A
Phone: 978-934-6455

Undergraduate Clinical Science Program Director
Chung-Dar Lu
Office: Weed Hall 320
Phone: 978-934-6738

Undergraduate Clinical Science Program Coordinator
Javier Horta
Office: Weed Hall 318C
Phone: 978-934-4923

Undergraduate Nutritional Science Program Coordinator
Thomas Wilson, Ph.D.
Office: Weed Hall 313A
Phone: 978-934-4509

Graduate Programs Coordinator
Nancy Goodyear, Ph.D.
Office: O'Leary 540M
Phone: 978-934-4427

Program Director for the MPH in Dietetics Program
Renee Barrile, Ph.D., R.D.
Office: O'Leary 540E
Phone 978-934-4457

Additional Department Information

Administrative Assistant
Robin Gavin
Office: Weed Hall 218
Phone: 978-934-4837
Fax: 978-934-3025

Postal Address
Department of Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences
University of Massachusetts Lowell
3 Solomont Way, Suite 4
Lowell, MA 01854