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Graduate Certificate in Nutritional Sciences

About the Program

Overview This program provides advanced study in nutrition for those interested in health promotion, qualification for professional credentials, and career advancement. The program offers opportunity for study of advanced topics in nutrition: vitamins and minerals, lipids, gene expression and important new developments in nutrition. The student who completes this course of study will be familiar with ongoing developments in nutrition science, and be able to effectively utilize the new research findings that characterize this continually evolving field.

Professionals in nutrition counseling will be better equipped to utilize advanced knowledge in nutrition and guide their clients with current information on weight maintenance, healthy pregnancy, and child development. Likewise a physical therapist or exercise physiologist will enhance his or her skills in athletic counseling.

All of the courses are offered in the evening. Students must complete an abbreviated application available in The Graduate School and be formally accepted by the Graduate Faculty Committee of the Department of Health and Clinical Sciences.

Career Opportunities

The graduate certificate will assist professionals such as nutritional counselors, dietitians, nurses, physical therapists, and personal trainers who are seeking job advancement. The Graduate Certificate in Nutritional Sciences will be of interest to recent Bachelors degree graduates who seek entrance into professional fields such as medicine or dentistry. Students who wish to pursue advanced study at the doctoral level will gain valuable preparation from this course of study.

Admissions and Graduate Requirements

All applicants must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and strong quantitative skills including a course in human nutrition or biochemistry. Successful completion of the Certificate involves taking four courses with an overall GPA of 3.0 or better, and not more than one course with a grade of C or BC.

The certificate program is composed of four 3-credit graduate nutrition courses that meet in the evening or late afternoon. The usual route to completion of this certificate is one course per semester over a two year period. The certificate may also be completed in one academic year by completing two courses per semester.

Course Descriptions