Health Informatics & Management

Health Informatics & Management Master's Programs

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The Health Informatics and Management Program offers master's degrees with three alternative majors or concentrations:

  • Health Management
  • Health Informatics 

Health Management

The 36 credit program of study fosters the ability to make administrative decisions based on sound management and policy principles, methods and analytical techniques with emphasis on improving the quality of care given to patients while providing satisfying and rewarding work experiences to all members of the organization staff, from the top level managers to the direct-care, front-line workers. The program accommodates working professionals seeking to further their professional training, as well as college graduates preparing to enter the field. A capstone project report based upon solving a real world problem is written just before graduation and rounds out the student's educational development.

Health Informatics

Students may wish to concentrate their graduate degree on the effect that massive amounts of data has on public health policy and health care delivery. Coursework in this concentration emphasizes information management and the ways in which health and computer sciences are coupled with information resources and integrated into the management of health care data for clinical, financial or analytical purposes. A capstone project is required for those students who take this option.