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LawRoom Training

The University of Massachusetts is committed to creating an environment where all faculty and staff are well trained in the various federal and state laws and regulations and University policies that impact their rights and obligations as members of the University community and as Massachusetts public employees. The University has engaged LawRoom/Campus Clarity as its learning management system to offer self-paced online training programs on a variety of topics, including ethics, campus safety, non-discrimination and harassment. Required training for all employees (non-students) include:

State Ethics Commission – Conflict of Interest Law

Every 2 years, all state, county and municipal employees must complete a conflict of interest law online training program. Newly elected or appointed public employees must complete this training within 30 days of beginning public service, and every 2 years thereafter.

You will need to log in using your regular campus login credentials. Training is self-paced. You can start and leave the course as often as you would like. Upon return, the course will open to the last page visited.

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Please email should you have any questions.